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I have yet to test all the homebrew classes, so there may be overpowered characters if you allow the PCs to use them

Arcane Warrior[edit]

The equivalent of paladin from Libern, they are wizards who have spent some of their training to become useful with armor and a sword. Many arcane duelists are this class, so that they may cancel their opponents magic instead of a straight-on magic duel (This is not a PC class unless you let them be from Libern. However, some of the major NPCs will have levels in this class)


Most of the land on Unica is still uncivilized, and much of it is nearly inhospitable. This is where the barbarian tribes thrive, away from those who wish to end their way of life. In the cities, they act as bodyguards, caravan guards, or hunters, since they are more accustomed to the hostile environment outside the safety of civilization


In the harsh wastelands, a bard is a storyteller of the times before the Spell. They talk about the magnificent forests and the brave heroes, slaying demons and dragons, and how the city in the sky came to be. Of course, many of these stories are false, but that doesn’t stop the bards from telling them


The priesthood is quite unique on Unica. They serve either the city in the sky or one of the near-mythical beings on the ground, as they are isolated from the other planes of existence. Clerics are revered in some areas, and despised in others, depending on the opinion on their object of worship


Nature has died on Unica, in the eyes of some. Many druids try to bring back the greenery, and in small pockets, they have. Others believe that the Unica they live in today is natural as it is, and they have an entirely separate circle for their belief (Circle of Anathema)


Their role doesn’t really change too much, just less of them. Less civilization means less civilized ways of fighting

Master of Ceremonies[edit]

These warriors stand as the guardians of civilization and culture, and they lead the ceremonies for the souls being sent to Libern. They protect their chosen city from the savage people outside the walls, but in many places they are distrusted, if not hated. Their role in the souls being given to Libern makes them be despised in many places.


Some monasteries that existed in Hope’s End’s caves survived the Spell, and afterwards they banded together into the monastery-city of Taiqihar for protection from the others seeking refuge on the mountain. Now, most monks come to the city, but many leave to learn of the outside world or to bring people to Taiqihar


These holy warriors do not serve any god, but their creed only. Paladin orders stand in many cities, whether or not the city allows them. Many fight against Libern, for most find the stealing of souls to be a capital crime. They are normally feared, if only the may bring Libern’s wrath on the bystanders


The Spell’s lasting magic has many effects on the newborn. While many die or transform into abominations, some gain the gift of psychic ability. These often are brought to Taiqihar, where the monks train them to harness this ability in the calm of the monastery. Many psions stay a member of the monastery-city, whether they stay inside or serve the same cause as the questing monks. Others abandon the city, feeling as though they are too limiting or isolated


These hunters from the cities find the druidic magics and certain fighting techniques to help them against their prey and predators


There isn’t too much change to the rogue, other than less of them. Thievery has less charm to most in Unica


A servant of the Plane of Shadows, the only plane that has any sort of contact with the Material Plane. The more powerful beings from that plane grant the shadowcaster power in exchange for help entering the Material Plane


Normally having the same sort of origin as Psions for their magical abilities, they learn their magic from other sorcerers, or are self-taught. Either way, the mages of Libern take interest in a powerful sorcerer, so most sorcerers keep their gift hidden (Arcane Origin)


Due to the isolation from the other planes, warlocks do not exist in Unica, though a shadowcaster somewhat takes its place

Wastelander (Ranger Variant)[edit]

There are those that live solitarily in the harsh wilderness, for whatever reason. They learn to survive even in these extremely harsh conditions, but they sometimes trade with the villages and cities for supplies, in exchange for furs and the sort


Wizards are a rare occurrence on the surface, due to all the hatred of wizards from the inhabitants of the cities and the immediate interest from Libern. Because of this, the few wizards that do exist keep their spellbooks hidden or in an unusual form, such as runes on a staff or even a tied rope

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