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200 hundred years ago from the start of the Holy War, there were many adventures coming from all corners of the world ranging from poor to rich, large and small, strong and weak as well as races of all kinds. To be an adventure one must equip a skill set that suits them and allows them to traverse the world and deal with a variety of dangers and their capabilities go beyond that of your average person.

This chapter we will dive deep into the mindset of adventure and open our minds to the possibilities of what one can do, below are just the sample classes the DM can add or subtract any classes on this list.



There once was an unrivaled martial artist whose might and cunning in battle were without equal. One day, this fighter was approached by another warrior who challenged the martial artist to a duel. The martial artist accepted, only to be baffled by the warrior who ran from him and cast spells. After several minutes of fighting, the martial artist lost to the unnamed warrior and learned that even with unrivaled might and intellect, they could still lose to another. Soon afterwards, the martial artist pledged to focus on both magic and martial prowess, so they would never be outdone again. Henceforth, the people who followed this path became known as battlemages. These battlemages soon became known for crushing their foes with their might and slaughtering them with magic. Battlemages have since become a boon to have on the battlefield because of their versatility and reliability.

One of the most valued if not most powerful class during the Holy War, due to the gods of magic being slain they sealed all the magic into two chaos stones fluxing with many colors have been buried into the earth hundreds of miles down, but it is not the magic that the Battlemage chased after it’s the equal measure of both the might of a fighter as well as the intelligence and spell casting prowess that can rival that of a wizard.

Blink Mage[edit]

Blink Mage

A camp of bandits sits at ease, late at night. Suddenly, a figure appears behind one of the bandits and cuts his head clean off before blinking out of existence. Now on alert, the bandits stand, but before they can make any further moves, the figure blinks back into sight in the center of the camp and unleashes a flurry of blows, seeming to teleport from one enemy to the next. In moments, the enemies all lie dead, the battle ended. And not a soul moves within the camp, the figure that killed the bandits already long gone.

Blink Mages tap into the very weave of space and time to move around the battle field to protect themselves as well as allies, moderate tactical geniuses with the ability to control movement of the battle field capable of sending someone off a cliff sending them to a different plane of existence all together.

Blood Knight[edit]

Blood Knight

Blood is life, blood is death, blood is power. More blood, for more power.

A human stands, clad in a set of blood-rusted plates, as four orcs surround him, grunting, ready to charge. The first orc let out a low roar as it charges toward the human, but even before its greataxe lands a blow upon the human's plate armor, its body is split into pieces, bursting into a mixture of blood and gore. The other three orcs hesitated their moves as the human withdraws his greatsword, covered in the orc's blood. Without any warning, the human stretched his arms, and a bolt of crackling, blood-red energy burst from the tip of his fingers to strangle one of the orcs. As the strangled orc comes to its feet, the human took a deep breath, and glared at the other two. The orcs were not known for their brilliance or cowardice, but with one of their kin slaughtered and another restrained, they had no choice but to flee. As the orcs dropped their weapons and ran on their feet, there was a sweep, and there were two beheaded body stumbling upon the earth as the human shake the blood off his greatsword. The blood knights are, contrary to the word that defines them, not properly knighted by kings or nobles. Instead, they are chosen by a sinister, often supernatural, entity, who grants them an immense resolve of power in exchange for a price - blood. The intent behind this exchange is unknown to most of the living souls, including the blood knights themselves, and the rumor has it that only the most evil and treacherous would suggest such bargain in the first place, but the power bestowed upon them are worth the risks they take, the risk of slaughtering most of the living souls they meet, and the risk of getting slaughtered themselves. Although their existence is not welcomed by most of the civilizations, but those in need of urgent help would not hesitate for an assistance from a shady men and women clad in blood-rusted armors.

Those who take upon the Blood Knight are sought after by the undead king, serving this king will grant those with an increase in power as well as fame fortune and if you are lucky immortality, those who use this class already have a desire of power and will gravitate to undead king and hear his call if proven worthy the life you had before will seem like a dream compared to the life in the service of a king.

Bounty Hunter[edit]

Bounty Hunter

A human stands surrounded by bandits, all exits blocked as the human smiles pulling out the two hidden pistols from his sides, the fire starts to swirl around him as he starts to spin, releasing the barrage of bullets into the mass. A Halfling sniffs at the ground as her eyes softly glow red, her senses pointing towards a locked door as she grins, the fur bristling from her skin as her form changes, smashing through the door with ease. An elf sits at the edge of the roof, a huge device in her hand as it watches through a magnifying glass at their target, softly breathing as she whispers "Goodnight..." The barrel of smoke covering her escape into the shadows.

Bounty Hunters are usually known for being mercenaries on the field when creating crazy minded war machines which usually could not be even thought of, yet they're also known to be brilliant tracks in the most populated cities. Mixing arcane tinkering & blacksmithing as well as communing to the primal sides of nature. They use their techniques to track down their target & destroy them in the name of their god, money... or just for fun.

Many adventures choose this class mostly because the demand for the bounty is high as well as the reward that comes from it armed with skills and power they will do anything to collect there bounty hired from all sorts of people they remain neutral in the world often not becoming to attached to anything that could hinder there goals.

Demon King[edit]

Demon King

After I escaped my prison only a few came to look for me cornered and with an imp closing in I reach for my dagger and strike the imps torso, my blade shatters upon impact out of fear I try and strike with my fist to my surprise my fist opens revealing sharp claws with no time to think I sink my claws into the eyes of the fiendish imp with a howl and a screech it covers its eyes giving me a small time to escape I run and run until I can only crawl finding a small cave I rest, dreaming I find myself longing for power to not be tied down by fear anymore. Years have passed with decades of experience I enter into the nine hells once more but this time I feel home.

A Demon King is one who successfully escaped the underworld in pursuit for a new life but with demonic powers. Most return to the underworld and join the war on devils to be one of hells nine rulers using summoned fiends and contracts they have made with foolish mortals they believe they can make a once absurd dream reality.



A girl awakes during the peak of the night while a gentle storm rolled across the skies. It calls to her and a fury is born. Hiding away in remote caves, keeping themselves a part from the world to enjoy a serene lagoon, or traveling the world to find a way to abate their rage, furies are known for two things: their wrath and their power. A stern human woman walks through a bustling town, feeling sparks along her fingertips. She tries to calm them knowing that if she were to let loose her control it could devastate the entire block.

Seeing the fall of her companion, an elven fury removes the binds she puts on herself and enters into her fury. The storm is summoned and blasts of intense, white-hot lightning bolt around the area in a grandiose display of elemental fury. An air genasi flies through the skies, her loose dress flowing around her. Catching sight of a winged foe, within her territory, a curl of her lip displays her annoyance. A rumble in the air soon follows.

Furies are spellcasters. They utilize spells related to the storm, and runic or ward magic. In terms of the strength of their expertise in these spells, the order is respective to her proficiency.

And now with the weave of magic in chaos thier power over the storm is coveted by both sides, thunderstorms will increase as well as the intensity of them will be strong enough to bring even the most powerful of beast to thier knees.

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