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Throne of Kings[edit]

The Throne of Kings is meant to symbolize the overlords power. He is often seen sitting on top of it with a dark Aura surrounding it, it is said to further control the overlords hate and need for Destruction, it is also said that if anyone else is to sit upon the throne and if he have a hate that Rivals the overlords he becomes the new ruler of Vanchilia. But if you do not have the hate required you instantly are destroyed as a void of black energy consumes you.

Castle Of The Fallen[edit]

The castle the Fallen is where the overlord lives and spends the rest of his days lording over all his people he rules with an iron fist and the castle of the following is where Heroes go to die me many to kill and even poison the overlord hoping to get rid of his evil clutches but to no avail the most powerful being known to existence and nothing can stop him or so they say.

Sword Of Vanchilia[edit]

This Greatsword is said to have a great meaning to The Overlord it is named after his love in life after being killed by the gods themselves when he first forged this sword it was to contain his leftover hate that the got like could not uphold the sword isn't up most reminder of everything that he lost of the Gods it also contains the souls of all angels that have been slained with it currently it has a record-breaking 100 with a soul of three gods but it is also rumored that if someone was to hold the sword while upon the throne of Kings they inherit all the powers of the last Overlord the sword also grab some incredible powers of the welder which makes its damage far beyond anything ever seen.

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