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<onlyinclude><!--General description here, including typical usage and possible knowledge checks.--> {{4e Trap |name= |level= |xp= |type=Trap |form=<!--Object or Terrain--> |detect=Perception DC |initiative= |immune=<!--"attacks" for traps that can't be attacked, or "necrotic, poison, psychic, forced movement, all conditions, ongoing damage" for traps with a HP value.--> |action=Triggered <!--or "Standard"--> |trigger=<!--Remove if not a triggered action--> |usage=At-Will <!--Encounter for one-shots, or Recharge {{4}}{{5}}{{6}} for intermittents--> |keyword=<!--Cold, Fire, etc--> |range=<!--{{C}} {{M}} {{R}} or {{A}}--> |attack=<!-- Example: Close blast 3 (creatures in blast); +12 vs. Fortitude--> |hit=<!--Example: 2d8 + 8 cold damage, and the target is slowed (save ends).--> |miss=<!--Example: Half damage.--> |countermeasures=♦'''Disable:''' <!--Example: Thievery DC 25. ''Success'': The trap is disabled.--><!--Remove this completely if trap cannot be countered--> }} <!--Remove this line [[Category:User]] [[Category:4e]] [[Category:Trap]] Remove this line--> </onlyinclude>

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