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Universal Solvent[edit]

This strange liquid appears to be some sort of minor oil or potion and always comes in containers of 1 ounce. Upon first examination, it seems to have the properties of oil of slipperiness. However, if it is applied to any form of adhesive or sticky material, the solution immediately dissolves the other material. It immediately negates the effect of sovereign glue, as well as any other form of cement, glue, or adhesive. An ounce affects 1 cubic foot. If the liquid is carefully distilled to bring it down to one-third of its original volume, each dose (1/3 ounce, having been a full ounce before distillation) dissolves 1 cubic foot of organic or inorganic material, just as if a disintegrate spell had been employed. To find out if a resisting target is affected by this concentrated solution, a touch attack roll is required, and the subject is entitled to a Fortitude saving throw (DC 19).

Caster Level: 20; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, disintegrate; Market Price: 2,000 gp (per ounce)

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