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These are tiny fragments of castoff crystal imprinted with miniscule bits of psionic power. Using a shard requires grasping it and projecting a command thought as a standard action (most shards telepathically whisper their command word into the minds of living creatures who handle them). A shard always grants a temporary competence bonus to one specific skill, ranging from +1 to +10 inclusive. This bonus lasts until the skill is used or 10 rounds pass, whichever comes first. Once activated, a shard disintegrates, even if its bonus is not used.

	Competence Bonus	Market Price
	+1			20 gp
 	+2			30 gp
	+3			40 gp
	+4			60 gp
	+5			100 gp
 	+6			140 gp
	+7			200 gp
	+8			250 gp
	+9			320 gp
	+10			400 gp

Manifester Level: 10; Prerequisites: Craft Universal Item, creator must have ranks of the specified skill totaling half the encoded bonus (minimum 1 rank)

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