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Sense Motive (Wis)


A successful check allows the character to avoid being bluffed. The character can also use the skill to tell when something is up (something odd is going on that the character were unaware of) or to assess someone's trustworthiness. Trying to gain information with this skill takes at least 1 minute, and the character could spend a whole evening trying to get a sense of the people around the character.

Sense Motive Task DC
Hunch 20
Sense enchantment 25

This use of the skill essentially means making a gut assessment of the social situation. The character can get the feeling from another's behavior that something is wrong, such as when the character is talking to an impostor. Alternatively, the character can get the feeling that someone is trustworthy.

Sense Enchantment

The character can tell that someone's behavior is being influenced by an Enchantment effect (by definition, a mind-affecting effect), such as charm person, even if that person isn't aware of it herself.


No, though the character may make a Sense Motive check for each bluff made on the character.

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