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Robe of the Archmagi[edit]

This normal-appearing garment can be white (a 01-45 result on d%, good alignment), gray (46-75, neither good nor evil alignment), or black (76-100, evil alignment). Its wearer, if an arcane spellcaster, gains the following powers: +5 armor bonus to AC. Spell resistance 17. +1 resistance bonus to all saving throws. Ability to overcome the spell resistance of others as if the wearer had the feat Spell Penetration. If a white robe is donned by an evil character, the character immediately gains three negative levels. The reverse is true with respect to a black robe donned by a good character. An evil or good character who puts on a gray robe, or a neutral character who dons either a white or black robe, gains two negative levels. While negative levels never result in lost levels, they remain as long as the garment is worn and cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells).

Caster Level: 14; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, mage armor, bless, spell resistance, creator must be same alignment as robe; Market Price: 75,000 gp; Weight: 1 lb.

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