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Ring of X-Ray Vision[edit]

On command, this ring gives its possessor the ability to see into and through solid matter. Vision range is 20 feet, with the viewer seeing as if he or she were looking at something in normal light even if there is no illumination. X-ray vision can penetrate 20 feet of cloth, wood, or similar animal or vegetable material. It can see through up to 10 feet of stone or some metals. Some metals cant be penetrated at all.

Penetrated per
Substance				Round of		Maximum
Scanned				X-Raying		Thickness
--------------				--------		---------
Organic matter (animal)		4 ft.			20 ft.
Organic matter (vegetable)		2 1/2 ft.		20 ft.
Stone					1 ft.			10 ft.
Iron, steel, copper, brass, etc.		1 in.			10 in.
Lead, gold, platinum			Cannot penetrate	-

Its possible to scan an area of up to 100 square feet during 1 round.

Secret compartments, drawers, recesses, and doors are 90% likely to be located by X-ray vision scanning. Using the ring is physically exhausting, causing the wearer 1 point of temporary Constitution damage per minute after the first 10 minutes of use in a single day.

Caster Level: 6; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, true seeing

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