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Mind Store
Metacreativity (Int)
Level: Psion 8
Display: Ma (see text)
Range: Touch
Effect: One storage crystal
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Power Points: 15

This power makes a storage crystal containing the essence of the manifester's living mind (this power can't be used on a dead subject). Until such time as the manifester perishes, the storage crystal is utterly inert. If the manifester is slain at some later date, his or her soul transfers into the storage crystal, which begins to dimly glow. Upon transference, the manifester's physical remains (should they still exist) become inert matter and cannot thereafter be restored to life. The transfer from the slain body to the storage crystal works over any distance, physical or extradimensional, unless some sort of special planar geometry supersedes the transfer.

Once the storage crystal is activated by the manifester's physical body's demise, the character has the abilities of a psicrystal of the appropriate level, plus all the powers he or she knew and the power points possessed when mind store was manifested, but at one level lower. The character has thirty days to grow an organic body, after which time his or her sentience fades and the character's soul passes on if it hasn't entered a new body.

To grow a body, the character (in the storage crystal) must spend ten days in uninterrupted solitude. The body's constituent parts are pulled as ectoplasm from the Astral Plane, and slowly molded and transformed into a living, breathing body that is an exact duplicate of the character's body at the time he or she mamifested mind store (the crystal itself slowly breaks down and becomes a part of the new organic body). When the ten days are completed, the character completely and totally inhabits the new body. The character possesses all the abilities he or she possessed when mind store was manifested, at one level lower, but the character has none of his or her equipment. If the growing body is struck for any amount of damage, it is destroyed and the character's soul passes on.

Conceivably, a character could manifest mind switch to utilize a temporary body, but only an evil psion would smash the storage crystal with an imbedded mind in order to permanently usurp the subject's organic body (unless the subject is, itself, irredeemably evil).

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