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Large Shield [Shield]
Maximum Dex Bonus:
Armor Check Penalty: –2
Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 15%
Cost Armor
Weight Speed
(30ft) (20ft)
7 gp +2 10 lb.


A large shield is too heavy to use the shield hand for anything else.

Wooden or Steel

Wooden and steel shields offer the same basic protection, though they respond differently to special attacks (such as warp wood and heat metal).

Shield Bash Attacks

An opponent can be bashed with a shield, using it as an off-hand weapon. A Medium-size character deals 1d4 points of damage (X2 crit) with a large shield or 1d3 (X2 crit) with a small one. (The tower shield cannot be used to perform the bash action.) A Small character deals 1d3 points of damage (X2 crit) with a large shield or 1d2 (X2 crit) with a small one. Used this way, the shield is a martial bludgeoning weapon. For purposes of attack penalties, treat a shield as a light weapon. If the shield is used as a weapon, lose its AC bonus until the character's next action (usually until the next round).

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