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Graft Weapon
Psychometabolism (Str)
Level: Psion 5/Psychic Warrior 5
Display: Ol
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous
Power Points: 9

The manifester permanently attaches any weaponmundane, psionic, or magicalonto the end of one of his or her arms. The weapon becomes a natural extension of the arm, and that hand is nowhere to be seen. If the character is proficient with the weapon, he or she adds +1 to all attack and damage rolls while using the weapon (this stacks with all other bonuses, including those granted by Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization). The grafted weapon becomes subject to powers that normally do not effect equipment, such as expansion. More importantly, since the weapon is a natural part of the character's body, powers that normally only enhance unarmed attacks and touch attacks now apply to the grafted weapon.

However, the character loses the use of one hand and receives a 2 competence penalty on all skill checks requiring the use of hands. Powers that temporarily polymorph or metamorphose the character (or just his or her hands) can ignore the grafted weapon or alter it normally, at the manifester's discretion. If the weapon takes damage, the character takes the damage as well. If the character is healed, so is the grafted weapon. If the weapon is destroyed, the character loses 2 points of Constitution; the ability damage persists until the character can graft another weapon or restore his or her natural anatomy (see below).

A character can change out weapons by using this power again. If the character manifests this power without any weapon, his or her natural anatomy returns (but the character can't use this power to recover a limb lost through some other mishap).

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