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Escape Artist (Dex; Armor Check Penalty)


Making a check to escape from being bound up by ropes, manacles, or other restraints (except a grappler) requires 1 minute of work. Escaping a net or entangle spell is a full-round action. Squeezing through a tight space takes at least 1 minute, maybe longer, depending on how long the space is.

Restraint DC
Ropes Binder's Use Rope check at +10
Net 20
Manacles 30
Tight space 30
Masterwork manacles 35
Grappler Grappler's grapple check
Animate rope spell, command plants spell, control plants spell, or entangle spell 20
Snare spell 23

The character's Escape Artist check is opposed by the binder's Use Rope check. Since it's easier to tie someone up than to escape from being tied up, the binder gets a special +10 bonus on her check.

Manacles and Masterwork Manacles

Manacles have a DC set by their construction.


Escaping from a net is a full-round action.

Tight Space

This is the DC for getting through a space where one's head fits but one's shoulders don't. If the space is long, such as in a chimney, the DM may call for multiple checks. The character can't fit through a space that the character's head does not fit through.


The character can make an Escape Artist check opposed by the enemy's grapple check to get out of a grapple or out of a pinned condition (so that the character is just being grappled). Doing so is a standard action, so if the character escapes the grapple the character can move in the same round. See "Wriggle Free" under Other Grappling Options.


Escaping from an animate rope, command plants, control plants, or entangle spell is a full-round action.


The character can make another check after a failed check if the character is squeezing through a tight space, making multiple checks. If the situation permits, the character can make additional checks or even take 20 as long as the character is not being actively opposed.


A character with 5 or more ranks of Use Rope gets a +2 synergy bonus on Escape Artist checks when escaping from rope bonds.

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