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Cube of Frost Resistance[edit]

When this cube is activated, it encloses a cube-shaped area 10 feet per side. The temperature within this area is always at least 65F. The field absorbs all cold-based attacks. However, if the field is subjected to more than 50 points of cold damage in 1 round (from one or multiple attacks), it collapses and cannot be renewed for 1 hour. If the field receives over 100 points of damage in a 10-round period, the cube is destroyed. Cold below 0F deals the field 2 points of cold damage per round, +2 points per each 10 below 0 (2 points at -1 to -9, 4 points at -10 to -19, and so on).

Caster Level: 7; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, protection from elements; Market Price: 22,000 gp

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