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Crystal Anchor[edit]

A crystal anchor ensnares the minds of those who manifest certain psionic powers within range. A crystal anchor can be configured to ward against powers of 6th level and lower. The triggering power is specified at the time of creation.

The user activates a crystal anchor by plunging the sharp head into the ground, leaving the shaft freestanding. It projects an invisible, 30-foot-radius field. If the specified power is manifested within this range, the manifester must succeed at a Will save (DC 14 + power level) or be affected by brain lock for 10 rounds. Someone outside the area can still be ensnared by manifesting the specified power into or within it. A crystal anchor can only attempt to ensnare five victims per day. One crystal anchor can ensnare multiple targets simultaneously, and multiple crystal anchors can share overlapping fields.

When a crystal anchor successfully ensnares a target, a slender filament of insubstantial ectoplasm connects the manifester to the shaft, even one outside the area, up to 300 feet away. (Beyond that distance, there is no filament, although the anchor does glow to indicate it is working.) This is only a visual display: Severing the filament does not dispel the effect.

A crystal anchor has an AC of 7, 15 hit points, a hardness of 8, and a break DC of 20.

Powers Level		Market Price
	0		5,000 gp
	1st		10,000 gp
	2nd		10,400 gp
	3rd		11,300 gp
	4th		12,600 gp
	5th		14,300 gp
	6th		16,400 gp

Manifester Level: 10; Prerequisites: Craft Universal Item, brain lock, contingency, power to be designated; Market Price: Varies; Weight: 3 lbs.

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