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Crawling Tattoos[edit]

These resemble standard psionic tattoos, but their effects are often offensive rather than beneficial. Like psionic tattoos, a crawling tattoo can be scribed only with powers of level 0 to 3 that target a creature or creatures. The exceptions are body adjustment powers, which can be scribed despite their effect being personal, and compulsion powers, which cannot be scribed at all. Powers that normally have an area, such as whitefire, only affect one target if scribed in a crawling tattoo. Otherwise, crawling tattoos are treated in all ways as psionic tattoos (see Psionic Tattoos above) until they are activated by the wearer.

The wearer of a crawling tattoo can tap the tattoo as a standard action that draws an attack of opportunity, mentally specifying a target (to which the wearer must have line of sight). The designated target could be an object. Instead of triggering its stored power, this animates the tattoo, which drops to the floor and scuttles toward the target. The original wearer need no longer concentrate on the tattoo once animated.

The animated tattoo begins to move toward its designated target at the beginning of the original wearers next round. Treat it as a Fine construct that has an AC of 18, 10 hit points, a hardness of 5, speed 30, and an attack bonus of +5. Crawling tattoos, unlike true constructs, are subject to illusions, darkness, fog, and similar effects. Should the target be killed, teleport away, or otherwise absent itself before contact, the wearer can reclaim the tattoo. If destroyed, a crawling tattoo shatters and evaporates.

A crawling tattoo must enter the targets square to attack and thus draws an attack of opportunity as it passes through the targets threatened area. The tattoo makes melee touch attacks until it strikes its target or is destroyed. On a successful attack, the power scribed in the crawling tattoo automatically affects the target, even if a save is normally allowed. Crawling tattoos can ferry beneficial powers as well, and the target can allow the touch attack to succeed if it desires.

Stored Power Level	Market Price
0			50 gp
1st			100 gp
2nd			600 gp
3rd			1,400 gp

Manifester Level: 6; Prerequisites: Craft Universal Item, power of the appropriate type and level; Market Price: Varies

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