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3023 A.D. Mars[edit]

The Transition of Mars Being Terraformed, Made by Daein Ballard, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. No changes was made to the image.

Mars was terraformed in the vision of Earth and has been populated by not only humans but other creatures that humans have created. Filled with detailed ecosystems, Mars is often the dream planet for scientists who pursue the path of gene modification, plant biology, and animal biology. There are many facilities here that experiment with new combinations of animals and plants. It has also survived the The 500-Year-Long War, and at one point was under LAI occupation, who created their own animals for a natural defense against an invasion by humans on land. Some of the dangerous species of animals still exist on Mars today, despite the actions of humans to eliminate or capture them.


Scientists have tried their best to give Mars a balanced and original ecosystem, and they succeeded. Along with the dangerous contributions of the LAI later on, Mars has an exotic and vibrant surface filled with life. The habitats Mars contains include jungles, deserts, forests, coral reefs, and more. In some areas, trees have winding branches that reach up to 200 feet high, while some other trees grow along the ground like roots. After the highly experimental nature was properly established, Mars was quickly populated by humans.

The Mars Oceans[edit]

Although the sea is shallow, only around 5 meters deep, the marine life that lives in it is new and refreshing. Deemed useless by the LAI, they never populated the seas with life hostile to humans. Filled with small fish and coral, the seas of Mars make for a fun vacation for swimming.

Natural Regions[edit]

Primis, The Country Capital of Mars[edit]

The capital country of Mars, called Primis, was the first country established on Mars. It was quickly populated by the government, and then by normal citizens.


The capital city of Mars, a technologically advanced and large area.

A large area in which a series of farms are held.

Natural Regions[edit]
  • Mars Rose

This specific rose was the first flower designed by scientists to be on Mars. It symbolizes devotion, perseverance, and dedication in chaotic times. It has orange and red petals, resembling what Mars used to look like.

  • Winder Tree

The Winder Tree has branches that reach into the sky for up to 200 feet, despite its trunk only being up to 10 feet. It is well known for being a good spot for birds to take shelter, who they have a symbiotic relationship with.


Large wolf-like creatures produced by the LAI to ward off humans.

A dino-bear. Ellstorr is an awkward fusion between a dinosaur and a bear designed by the LAI.

  • Fur Frog

For some reason, the scientists that were designing life to go onto Mars decided to make a frog with fur.

  • Mars Crocodiles

Despite them being named crocodiles, Mars crocodiles live in freshwater. They are also much smaller, only reaching a length of 1 foot without counting the tail. They tend to chase prey by awkwardly running on two legs.

  • Hummers

These variations of the hummingbird are largely the same, except larger. They run rampant in Mars as one of the main pollinators, adapted to the gravity of this world.




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