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Wild Feats: require the Druid's Wild Shape class ability.

Wild Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Agile Athlete Climb 1 rank, Jump 1 rank You rely on your agility to perform athletic feats, rather than brute strength.
Animal Master Charisma 17, 6 ranks in handle animal. You are a master at handling animals.
Caustic Poison Con 24, Poisonous natural weapon, 20HD, At least one other feat pertaining to poison such as Ability Focus (Poison) Your poison can damage creatures typically immune to poison.
Exalted Wild Intelligence Wis +18, Character level 5th, Spellcaster level 5, total ranks of 8 in any Knowledge, total ranks of 10 in any WIS Skills. Your wisdom increases your intelligence
Extra Wild Shape Cha 13, Wild Shape class ability You have a natural affinity for your wild shape class ability
Extreme Speed Dex 20, BAB 5 You have trained your body to the point of being able to move at supersonic speeds.
Greater Spontaneous Rejuvenation 9th level Druid, must have the Spontaneous Rejuvenation class feature (PHB2 p.39) and the Improved Spontaneous Rejuvenation feat. (Source: http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Improved_Spontaneous_Rejuvenation_%283.5e_Feat%29) Your abilities have mastered the replenishing aspect of life.
Identical Wild Shape Wis 18, knowledge (nature) 9 ranks, Wild Shape class feature Using your knowledge of nature, when you wild shape, you are identical to the creature you are transformed to.
Improved Exalted Wild Shape Wild Shape 4 times a day|Vow of Poverty|Exalted Wild Shape Must be a Druid, Wild shape Change 4 times a day, Vow of Poverty, must Change to/from an Exalted Wild Shape
Improved Partial Wild Shape Wis 25, Knowledge (nature) 24 ranks, wild shape 6/day. You can partial wild shape into sizes beyond your natural size.
Improved Spontaneous Rejuvenation 3rd level Druid, must have the Spontaneous Rejuvination class feature (PHB2 p.39) Your abilities to influence the replenishing aspect of life has placed you as a prominent healer amongst your peers.
Inspiring Greatness CHA 15 Your personality gives you and party members a morale bonus to saves.
Memory in the flesh Knowledge (arcana) 10 Knowledge (history) 10, least 100 years old After years of physical training your own body has learned to dodge attacks that you suffer.
Natural Multiattack More than 3 primary attacks, Multiattack Feat Allows for many attacks
Nature's Avatar Character Level: 9th You must have taken the Aspect of Nature wild shape variant.
Nature's Blessing Wildshape, Natural Spell. <!-A short summary of the feat->
Pack Hunter One or more animal companions of the same type, the ability to use wild shape to transform into the same type of animal as your animal companion, Favored Enemy class feature Ranger and Druid levels stack for Favored Enemy and Animal Companion
Prehensile Tail A long, reasonably dexterous tail Through training(or talent) you can use your tail for fine manipulation
Samarie Fury Rage or Frenzy ability Your Samarie blood awakened incredible violence within your self.
Samarie Heritage Ability to rage or cast arcane spells spontaneously. You have Samarie blood in your veins, which grants you incredible abilities.
Scary Str 17,BAB 6 or more Allows the animal to scare things off with it's might
Sized Wild Shape Wis 18, knowledge (nature) 18 ranks, Wild Shape (Huge) class feature Using your knowledge of nature, you may assume any sized creature
Way of the Gargoyle Combat Reflexes You have mastered the art of combat in alternate forms.
Wild Born Wisdom 15, Dexterity 13 Due to a life dedicated to hunting and stalking, you gain bonuses to skills when in rural or wild areas.
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