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<-patron type e.g. Archdevil->[edit]

<-general description of the patron, what they stand for, and what they're hoping to achieve by forming a pact->.

Forming a Pact with <a/an patron type>[edit]

Alignment: <-alignments allowed by this patron or write "any"->.

Invocation Required: <-two to four "least" grade invocations, one of which the warlock must know to form a pact with the patron->.

Influence: While bound in a pact with <-a/an patron type->, your patron expects <-list how your patron would expect you to act. It shouldn't be enough to derail a campaign or destroy your adventuring party. e.g. "An Archdevil patron expects you to never let yourself be taken advantage of and never to work for free. You must be paid in one way or another for every service you provide". See? Not too intense but still "devilish"->

Pact Bound (Ex): Upon forming the pact, your patron grants you a small gift of power. <-This gift should be in the form of a related feat plus another small bonus such as a +2 bonus to specific rolls or the effects of a low level spell. This shouldn't be an invocation.->

Damage Reduction (Ex): <-The damage reduction granted by your patron is overcome by <material or quality that overcomes the damage reduction. If unsure, cold iron is a good go-to->

Patron's Resilience (Ex): <-resistances granted; typically a +2 bonus versus a specific effect and resistance 5 to a specific element. e.g. +2 on saves versus poison and fire resistance 5->

Otherworldly Aura (Su): <-the aura granted by the patron to the pact warlock at level 5 of the pact warlock prestige class. e.g. Fear Aura out to 5ft. Those entering must succeed a will save (DC = 10 +1/2 CL + Cha) or be shaken for the duration of the encounter. A success indicates the creature is immune to that pact warlock's fear aura for 24 hours.->

Gift of the Patron (Sp): <-the bonus invocation granted by the patron at pact warlock level 6. The invocation should be "greater" or "lesser". It cannot be "dark"->

Pact Ability (Su): <-an ability that makes the pact warlock stand out as a follower of its patron. This ability should be closely related to the patron such as allowing the follower of an Archdevil to scribe contracts that compel signers to uphold their end of the bargain. There is room for interpretation here but the ability should either be versatile or powerful, but not both and should not replicate magical effects higher than 6th level without good reason->

Transcendence (Ex): <-detail what type of creature the pact warlock evolves into and how it benefits their abilities. e.g. the follower of an Archdevil would become an outsider (evil,lawful) and it resilience increases to +4 on saves versus poison and fire resistance 10->

Final Blessing (Sp): <-the final unique invocation granted by the patron to the pact warlock when they reach the final level of the prestige class (and also level 20). This might replicate a 7th level spell or possibly a lower level one with additional benefits. If it mimics or provides effects similar to a higher level spell, it should only be usable in certain circumstances. Remember that this is an invocation and, by definition invocations are usable at will, meaning it's usage should be circumstantial and not simply limited by uses per day->

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