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Vile Feats: Vile Feats are a special category of Feats introduced in the Book of Vile Darkness.

These feats are for evil characters only.

Vile Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Bestow The Living Shade Shz'ther Guardian, Ward Of The Faceless Through the profane bonds that tie you to your guardian, he has permanently become a part of the shadow itself.
Hellscorched Spell Evil alignment. Your fire spells draw power from the Nine Hells, burning hotter than normal.
Initiate Of The Sai'quel Shadowcrafter [1], Willing Deformity BoVD, must be a native of Dreden and a member of the Sai'quel You have been initiated into the fell ranks of the Sai'quel, the dark rulers of Dreden. Through their painful training, you have learned to harness the power of the marsh into your body, empowering your magic items.
Shz'ther Guardian Leadership, must have a changeling swordsage cohort You have gained the service of a shz'ther, one of the Faceless Ones, now your bond with it transcends what is considered the norm .
Taking The Last Breath Evil Brand (found in the book of vile darkness), Disciple Of Darkness (found in the book of vile darkness), Constitution 18, Wisdom 15, BAB +6, 50hp. By stealing the final breath of one leaving this world you gain a fraction of their strength.
Vile Traitor's Blade Evil alignment, Sneak Attack +3d6 Your sneak attacks gain the evil descriptor and weaken good-aligned foes.
Ward Of The Faceless Shz'ther Guardian Your connection with your shz'ther guardian deepens even further, letting you adopt the same frame of mind in battle.
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