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Spelltouched Feats are a special category of Feats introduced in Unearthed Arcana, see Spelltouched Feats for details.

Spelltouched Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Bond Beyond Wis 13, Brought back to life by Raise Dead or Resurrection You passed over the river Styx once, and a part of you is still there.
Drain Recovery Must have suffered from Energy Drain by spell or monster attack at least once You have been energy drained so often you can shake it off more easily.
Karmic Insight Brought back to life by Reincarnate spell Your experience of reincarnation has enlightened you with deeper insight into the cycle of life.
Lord of the Dance Must have been exposed to irresistible dance spell The urge to dance lingers on you.
Shell of Purity Harmed by a spell with the [Evil] descriptor, such as Unholy Blight at least once, good alignment Surviving the power of pure evil might strengthened your resilence.
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