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NPCs CR 18

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Name Race Levels Description
Axeen Illiford Human Monk 10 Living Weapon 10
Danielle Umbra Human Warlock 18 Victor the Black's third-in-command.
Darnoth Minotaur Ftr 14 This character was originally thought up for Steel's 20th level campaign (LA was free up to +3).
Fulminata Century
Grymm and Lochh Green dragon None Mean-spirited dragon twins who have been forced into servitude by Aleister.
Irayura Tohi Centaur Fighter 7, Metahand 5 Around the corner canters a stallion of a centaur, dust coating his form, and beads of sweat are visible on his forehead.
Juliette Troubal Half-Elf Fighter 10, Unworthy 8 The air seems cold and still, then there before you is a woman, clad in a green cloak, and holding a beautiful, glowing chain in her hands
Namfoodle gnome wild mage 16 Gnome practitioner of the Broken Weave.
Sphinggo the Gatekeeper Minotaur Minotaur 6/Barbarian 4/Raging Crasher 8/LA 2 A cruel minotaur who guards a travel pass, those who do not please his cruel humor are pushed into the deep ravine.

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