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Martial Adept Alternate[edit]

This variant of the Martial Adept classes is made for more "action packed" or "semi-gestalt" games. There includes other sub-variants that can be used for Tougher and High Powered campaigns. In general, for all classes, remove the "Maneuvers Known" and "Stances Known" from each class chart. "Maneuvers Readied" is used to calculate the new "Maneuver Points" or MP used to power Maneuvers.

Remember that any Strike Maneuver can crit for double damage on a natural 20 of the attack roll. Also remember that Counter Maneuvers cannot be used to negate an attack roll of a natural 20. When calculating total Maneuver Points, remember that only the character's Inherent stat is used. However, wearing an item that increases the stat makes a small "buffer" to keep the Adept from losing their Maximum MP. For instance, a Swordsage wearing a Headband of Wisdom +4 would have to take 4 points of WIS damage before their Max MP suffered. Enhancement Bonuses to stats still do affect MP gained per round for Crusaders and Swordsages.

Note that using abilities that use MP, besides Maneuvers, cannot be used the same round as any MP or Maneuver recovering abilities. In the case of "spamming" one or two maneuvers in round-by-round succession, the DM has full right to add a -8 attack or half damage penalties. This of course does not apply to Crusaders, since they already take penalties for successive maneuvers before reseting.


Maneuver Points: Take the Crusader "Maneuvers Readied" chart. The number in the (#) is how many points gained at the beginning of the encounter. The number to the left of that is how many points the Crusader can gain over the next few rounds. It is added to the Crusader's CHA. A Crusader gains half their WIS (round up) in MP at the beginning of every round. For example, assuming a level 10 Crusader with a CHA of +4 and a WIS of +3, the Crusader would gain 3 MP at the start of the encounter, and would gain 10 more MP over the next few rounds, at 2 MP per round.

Once this whole store of MP is gained, the Crusader must ask their deity for more divine power to smite their foes, by taking a standard action (No AoO) to shout to the heavens (Silence effects have no effect on this, as long as the Crusader can express their will to the gods, even mentally.)

Recovering Maneuvers: Crusaders don't actually "expend" most maneuvers. They can use the same maneuver constantly throughout an encounter if they so desire. However, each subsequent use penalizes their attack roll by a stacking -4, and cannot crit unless it is the first use. For Maneuvers that deal +xdy damage, the damage is reduced by 25%. Counters are always expended. For a Crusader, it is less a matter of "Recovering" their divine energies, as much as it is asking their deity to revitalize (or "reset") them. This is done in the same manner as recovering MP.

Steely Resolve: Increase Steely Resolve Pools by 3 times. For Tougher or High-Powered campaigns, increase THAT amount by 3 or 5, respectively.

Furious Counterstrike: Increase the "Delayed Damage Pool Points" table by 3 times. For Tougher or High-Powered campaigns, increase THAT amount by 2 or 4, respectively.

Adamant Resolve: A Crusader can spend 2 MP to gain Damage Reduction X/Adamantine, where X is their Adept level, for two rounds. This is a Move Action.

They may also spend 4 MP to gain Damage Reduction X/Y and Adamantine, where X is their WIS + CHA, Y is the opposite of their Deity's L/C Alignment. If their Deity is Neutral, the Crusader chooses between the choices at character creation, and cannot be changed. This lasts 5 rounds and is a Move Action.

Divine Prayer: The Crusader can spend 1 MP to recover 1 HP/Adept Level, up to 3 MP in one encounter. This is a move action, and cannot be used outside of combat. The gods will not grant you this "free" healing if you are not shedding the blood of their enemies.


Maneuver Points: Take the Swordsage "Maneuvers Readied" chart. Add the Swordsage's WIS. A Swordsage enters combat with full MP. In order to regain MP, the Swordsage must take a move action to reassess the situation. They gain half their INT in MP as a result. (In this case, however, only Move Actions can recover. Standard Actions cannot.)

Recovering Maneuvers: The Swordsage must take a second to recollect their thoughts, using a Full Action to recover one expended Maneuver.

AC Bonus: Gained at 1st level.

Sense Magic: Reduce to 1 minute.

Class Skills: Add Knowledge: Arcana. Reduce Skills gained to "x4 at 1st level" instead of "x6 ..."

Tactical Knowledge: The Swordsage can spend 2 MP to increase the distance of any one area of a Maneuver by two. For instance, she may spend 2 points to travel up to 200 feet with Leaping Flame, or increase Wyrm's Flame to a 60 foot cone.

Aim for Weak Points: The Swordsage can spend 3 MP to add their INT to damage rolls. This stacks with Insightful Strikes.

Last Resort: The Swordsage can focus completely on one task to automatically confirm a critical, at the expense of lowering their Max MP by 1. (Up to 3 in High Powered campaigns) Their Max MP recovers upon meditation or sleep for 4 hours.


Maneuver Points: Take the Warblade "Maneuvers Readied" chart. Add their INT. A Warblade enters combat with full MP. In order to regain MP, the Warblade may either Flourish, regaining 1 MP per target Amazed, or forgo damage on one attack with a Standard Action. Remember, however, that MP cannot be spent on the same round a Warblade Flourishes.

Recovering Maneuvers: The Warblade must Flourish with intent to Recover as a Standard Action. They may also choose to Recover by taking a Full-Round Action to meditate.

Bonus Feats: Are gained at 1st level and every 3rd level after. (4th, 7th, etc.)

Stance Mastery: Gained at 15th level.

Never Miss: The Warblade can spend 3 MP to reroll any attack roll at a -4 penalty. Natural 1s cannot be rerolled.

Wrecking Power: The Warblade can spend 5 MP to add 50% of any rolled damage dice as extra damage. These points can be spent after the attack roll is made.

Nah: The Warblade is less prone to screw ups while she is performing. (And with a Warblade, every combat is a performance.) She can spend 4 MP to negate a roll of Natural 1 on attack rolls.

Flourishing: The Warblade can dazzle with her mastery of the blade. Perform (Flourish) is a class skill for Warblades, and is the source of their martial might. To Flourish with intent to Recover, roll Perform (Flourish). If this roll exceeds the HD of any enemy, the Warblade Recovers. To Flourish with intent to Regain, Flourish with the intent to Amaze. (See below) The Warblade gains 1 MP per target Amazed, up to their maximum. This represents the Warblade's vampiric nature on awe. This is a move action either way, but is still a free action if the Warblade Flourishes with intent to Amaze but NOT recover.


Perform (Florish): Whether florishing to show thanks to one's deity or to call upon the screams of one's fans, a Martial Adept has uses for showing off her skill.

Amazement: Have all creatures who can see the Florish make a HD/CL check against it, including allies. Should the creature fail, they become Amazed, taking -1 on all rolls against the Adept. The adept can also make a Florish check against the AC of one opponent, teasing and Astonishing them, forcing them to take -2 on all rolls against the Adept. Astonished overwrites Amazed, it does not stack. Amazed lasts three rounds, Astonishment lasts for the encounter.

Kata: By practicing for 5 minutes with a preset kata, make a DC 20 check. On success, the Adept gains +1 Max MP. For every 10 above the DC 20 check, the Adept gains another +1. This lasts for 24 hours, and cannot be retried until that time passes.


Adaptive Style: Allows a character to gain another Discipline from their Prestige/Multi Class. (See below) Also adds +2 to the DC of any Maneuvers. This feat can be taken as many times as needed, but the +2 DC only applies once.
Blade Meditation: +2 to damage; Taken once, works with all Disciplines
Extra Granted Maneuver: Add +1(1) to Maneuvers Readied chart when determining MP.
Extra Readied Maneuver: Add +1 to Maneuvers Readied chart when determining MP.

Prestige Classes[edit]

Any PrC that states what Disciplines to choose from a Martial Adept Adds to their current list. For example, if a Crusader took levels of Eternal Blade, they would gain Diamond Mind OR Iron Heart. You may only take one Discipline you do not already have, unless you take the Adaptive Style feat. This does not apply to Master of Nine.

Jade Phoenix Mage: Caster Progression becomes 10/10 instead of 8/10.

Master of Nine: Increase BAB Progression to Good, as well as Will saves. Change Mastery of Nine to, "You gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls and a +1 to damage rolls equal to the number of different Disciplines you have used in the current encounter." Move Dual Stance, Perfect Form, and Counter Stance to levels 1, 2, and 3, respectively, and add a Bonus Feat at 4. Remove the Dodge and Blind Fight entry requirements and add Superior Unarmed Strike. Lessen the skill requirements to 8. Add Special requirement, "Must defeat enemy of at least 2 CR higher than character's HD in combat using Hand-to-Hand, alone."

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