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<onlyinclude>{{3.5e Magic Item |name= |cl=<!--Caster level for creation--> |prerequisites=<!--Feats and spells required for creation; wikilink if you can--> |cost=<!--Creation costs--> |aura=<!--Weak, Moderate or Strong--> |school=<!--abjuration, conjuration, divination, enchantment, evocation, illusion, necromancy, transmutation--> |marketprice= |weight= |description=<!--What kind of weapon/armour/item it is, wikilinked if appropriate; enchantment bonus; other benefits; history if it is a unique item, etc.--> }} ---- {{3.5e <!--Magical or Epic--> <!--Category(Plural)--> Breadcrumb}} [[Category:DnD]] <!--Delete the following if this item is not Epic.--> [[Category:Epic]] <!--Delete all but one item category, and delete this line.--> [[Category: Armor Enhancement, Armor, Cursed, Flavor Treasure, Food, Magic Gauntlet, Potion or Oil, Ring, Rod, Scroll, Shield Enhancement, Shield, Staff, Trap, Vehicle, Wand, Weapon Enhancement, Weapon, Wondrous Item]] <!-- Delete all but one slot category, and delete this line. --> [[Category:Hand Slot, Arm Slot, Head Slot, Torso Slot, Face Slot, Feet Slot, No Slot, Ring Slot, Shoulder Slot, Tattoo Slot, Throat Slot, Waist Slot]] </onlyinclude>

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