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<onlyinclude>{{3.5e Impulse |name=<!-Impulse Name-> |grade=<!-Impulse Grade: Trivial, Lesser, Primary, Greater, or Grand-> |casttime=<!-Impulse Cast Time: Free, Swift, Move, Standard, or Full-round-> action |range=<!-Impulse Range: Self, Touch, 30ft, etc-> |target=<!-Impulse Target: Entity, Item, Object, etc-> |power=<!-Impulse Power: 1d4 projectiles, 2d6 damage, etc. Scales with Intelligence modifier-> |duration=<!-Impulse Duration: Concentration, 1d6 rounds, 10 minutes, etc. Scales with Charisma modifier-> |save=<!-Impulse Saves: What kind of save you can make, and its general effect-> |resist=<!-Impulse Resist: Does spell resistance affect this impulse? Yes or No-> |summary=<!-A brief summary of the Impulse's effects-> }} <!--Detailed description of the Impulse, including: targets, mechanics (saving throws), effects, etc.--> ---- {{3.5e Impulses Breadcrumb}} [[Category:DnD]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:Impulse]] </onlyinclude>

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