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These feats are related to hit points and Hit Dice, and related properties such as Damage Reduction.

Hit Point Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Continued Toughness Constitution 14, Improved Toughness, Toughness You gain extra hit points at every level
Damage Deflection Shield Proficiency
Educated Healthcare Int 17, Wis 15 General cleanliness and grooming go a long way in a wizard's college, but also inadvertently extends the health of the wizards involved.
Improved Toughness Base Fort save +2 You are tougher than normal.
Intellectual Anatomy Intelligence 25 Using your advanced intelligence you know your own body beyond normal comprehension
Physician Heal Skill 4 ranks. You have great skill at helping others recover from their wounds.
Power Health The strength of your muscles determines your total health, not the quality of what is inside.
Undeserved Toughness Constitution less than 12. Even though your body is no more resilient than the average person, you show added vitality.
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