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Heritage Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Abyssal Resistance Con 13 Your ancestral blood makes you tougher against poison and electricity.
Arms of the Glabrezu none The abyssal blood in your veins cause you to grow one of the glabrezu's two sets of arms.
Balor Spawn Con 13 You have the ancestry of a Balor, the mightiest demon of the Abyss in your veins.
Celestial Heritage Wings Celestial Bloodline, Spontaneous Caster. You channel your inborn power to spawn a pair of spectral, magical wings that glow with Celestial power creates light as light spell of a caster of equal lev.
Child of Feat Taken at charadcter creation. Must be the same alignment as the god chosen, and be of the god's preferred race. This feat gives a bonus to a character who has been favored by a particular deity.
Elvish Heritage Must be taken at First Level You are taught from a young age to move naturally through the forest, hiding from enemies. You can naturally use skills that you otherwise wouldn't be able to.
Fiendish Skin None You grow a thick, leathery skin that protects your frail body.
Fiendish Telepathy Wis 13 You have inherited the telepathic ability of your demonic side.
Functional Wings Vestigial Wings You can fly with your demonic wings.
Greater Abyssal Heritage Any one Abyssal Heritage Feat. Your demonic essence is greater than that of other Abyssal Heritors.
Humanoid Guise Cha 13, any other Abyssal Heritor feat You can hide your demonic self under the disguise of a humanoid form.
Immunity to Cold Iron Con 13, Allurin By painfully building resistance, you no longer suffer from contact with cold iron like others of your race.
Lunar Aura Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar, at least 2 Lunar Heritage feat. Your skin glow with your ancestor power, the light seem to have a strange effect upon others.
Lunar Body Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar Your very flesh seem empowered as your sorcerous power grow.
Lunar Flight Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar, 3 lunar heritage feats. Your power seems to affect the very gravity around you, as old lunars you discovered the secret of flight.
Lunar Heritage Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar The blood of the ancestral lunars flow in your vein, you gain a part of their awesome powers.
Lunar Inner Energy Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar, at least 4 Lunar Heritage feats. Your inner energy seem to protect you from harms, the lunar sorcerous power cover your entire body and enhance your very being.
Lunar Legacy Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar The power of the Lunar fill your very existence, your very being is shaken by the power you just uncovered.
Lunar Mind Supremacy Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar, at least 4 Lunar Heritage feats, must be able able to cast Telekinesis as a Sorcerer spell. Your have reached the pinnacle of Lunar Gravity power, you may objects with but a single thought.
Lunar Mystical Defence Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar You uncovered a powerful Lunar secret, Mystical Binding, you are now protected from enemies spells.
Lunar Skin Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar Your skin is covered by strange Sigils only visible when exposed to moonlight, the very existences of those rune-like figure seem to repel blades and other physical harms.
Moongazer Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar When you gaze at the moon, you are filled with whispers of truth and insight of the old lunars.
Mutilated You were changed from a creature of lascivious charms to indescribable uglyness.
Poison Kiss The Succubus heritage in your blood turns your kiss into a life-sucking weapon.
Rabid Fiend Bite attack Your fiendish blood allows to infect others with your bite.
Spawn of Pazuzu Fly speed, poor maneuverability, Vestigial Wings You have a hereditary link to the Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms that causes your wings to grow much larger, giving you an increased fly speed.
Succubus Heritor Cha 15 Your demonic ancestral blood can be traced back to a Succubus.
Succubus Sorcery Ability to spontaneously cast arcane or divine spells The Succubus heritage is strong in you and increases your sorcerous might.
Tongue of the Seductress Like your Succubus ancestor, you speak the universal language of seduction.
True Succubus Kiss The Succubus heritage in your blood turns your kiss into a life-sucking weapon.
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