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Favored Enemy Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Deadly Stalker Favored Enemy, Death Attack You specialize in your assignments on certain enemies.
Favored Enemy Spell Favored Enemy, ability to cast 2nd level arcane or divine spells You are adept at casting spells against your favored enemies.
Frontline Diplomat Favored Enemy You are a veteran of the border wars, but you also serve in times when a truce must be struck.
Hexing Strider Hexblade'sCW Curse, Favored Enemy You're a woodsman with the ability to curse your enemies, especially your favorite ones.
Shared Enemy Favored Enemy class feature. You have an animal trained for war. (The animal knows the Handle Animal tricks attack and down). Your animals are better against your enemies.
Strike Favored Enemy Favored Enemy, Base attack bonus +3 You are exceptionally deadly in combat against favored enemies.
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