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<onlyinclude> <!-- Your Items Information --> <!-- Then the "Back to" footer... (this will make your item be linked to, if this is not filled out your item will become an orphan, only accessible by searching (gasp!)... --> <!-- DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS--> ---- {{3.5e Equipment Breadcrumb}} [[Category:DnD]] [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Equipment]] [[Category:Mundane]] <!--Delete all but one of the following--> [[Category:Apparel]] [[Category:Adventuring Gear]] [[Category:Armor]] [[Category:Tool]] <!--Use this for skill kits--> [[Category:Food]] [[Category:Poison]] [[Category:Jewelry]] [[Category:Alchemical]] [[Category:Shield]] [[Category:Trade Good]] [[Category:Trap]] [[Category:Vehicle]] </onlyinclude>

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