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Combat Form Feats are part of a feat chain that was introduced in the Player's Handbook II. All of these feats have the feat Combat Focus as prerequisite, and they are all fighter bonus feats.

Combat Form Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Athletic Drill Wis 13, Combat Focus You trained especially athletic maneuvers with your combat forms.
Combat Antimagic Wis 13, Combat Focus, Great Fortitude, base attack bonus 10+ Your intense concentration on the battle allows you to shake off magic.
Combat Barrage Wis 13, BAB +6 When in Combat Focus, you gain extra attacks.
Combat Brutality Wis 13, Power Attack When in Combat Focus, you deal extra damage.
Combat Improvisation Wis 13, Improved Feint When in a Combat Focus, you can feint faster with a bonus.
Innate Combat Focus Wis 13 You can focus your mind on battle in any situation.
Psionic Combat Focus Wis 13, Combat Focus, ability to manifest powers Combat Focus and Psionic Focus become one.
Taiji Mastery Wis 13, Combat Focus PHB II, Yin Combat Focus, Yang Combat Focus You have mastered the Taiji circle, making your Ki stronger when your Combat Focus is active.
Yang Combat Focus Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strike Your Combat Focus training enhanced your offensive Ki powers.
Yin Combat Focus Wis 13, Combat Focus, Wisdom bonus to AC Your Combat Focus training enhanced your defensive Ki powers.
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