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Animal Companion Feats: Feats that require the druid or ranger class feature Animal Companion.

Animal Companion Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Dark/Light Companion Animal Companion ability, Base Attack Bonus +10, Interaction with ether the Plane of Shadows or the Plane of Radiance. Magical energy gives your animal companion either dark or light powers.
Divine Companion Turn or Rebuke Undead, Animal Companion Your animal companion becomes a celestial or fiendish creature.
Enchanted Animal Companion Animal Companion ability You have shown yourself to be an ally of all nature's creatures; they, in turn, will respond to your call.
Enhanced Companions Handle Animal 1 rank Your animal companions are energized by your presence.
Extra Animal Companion Handle Animal rank 18, Nature Sympathy (Or Druid/ranger levels) Level 10, Leadership, Improved Leadership, Allows for an additional Animal Companion
Half-Dragon Companion Animal Companion ability, Knowledge(arcana) 2 ranks, Speak Language(Draconic) You have shown yourself to be an ally of all nature's dragon creatures
Improved Animal Companion Animal Companion ability Your animal companion is more powerful than normal.
Improved Link Animal companion and character level 15 or higher. Share spells and feats with companion.
Natural Harmony Wild Empathy and Animal Companion abilities, Enchanted Animal Companion, Knowledge (Nature) 5 ranks Your animal companion is energized by your presence.
Pack Hunter One or more animal companions of the same type, the ability to use wild shape to transform into the same type of animal as your animal companion, Favored Enemy class feature Ranger and Druid levels stack for Favored Enemy and Animal Companion
Survival Instinct Animal Companion, Survival 12 ranks Living in the wilderness has sharpened your will to survive.
Totem Animal Animal Companion ability You share a spiritual bond with an animal companion, that in return grants you special abilities.
Undead Animal Companion Animal companion, Undead type Your animal companion shares your unlife.
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