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Welcome to Typh[edit]

The gods are at war. Divine magic is an extinct species. Nature Gods have been forced into the war causing the world into a 5 year winter (the season when nature gods aren't as focused on things on Typh. Then, an event named the Evermelt, happened. All the ice and snow melted. But after that no crops would grow. Grass wouldn't grow, trees wouldn't grow. It's now a dead land. For almost a year people were using reserves of food and water. Then Johnn Yar, a farmer from before the Evermelt, discovered in his field a blue crystal, now called a hydro crystal, he cracked the crystal a little bit and poured a gallon of water. He then dropped it in his dried up well and it filled up immediately. The next year a former merchant, named Ty Fon, discovered an edible fungus in his basement.


Millions of years ago Typh, Arcana, and Lumo created the planet known as Typh. Then, they fought over who got what land. after thousands of years of fighting they decided to split the world into three pieces. these pieces were the underdeath, the overland, and the infinite sea. Typh obtained the overland, Arcana the sea, and Lumo the underdeath. They made an agreement to not fight.

Typh created the race known as the Typhians, the ancestors of all elves and humans. Arcana made the Arcanans, the ancestors of all halflings and dwarves. Lumo made the Lumonstors, ancestors of all monsters.Typh and Arcana made agreements to allow their races to enter each others lands and live there. Lumo though took all of the dead Typhians and Arcanans into his land and enslaved them. He named the dead Typhians Drow and made them his own race. He called the dead Arcanans Vampires or Zombies and made them his own race.

The First War

Lumo, seeking more power, wanted more people in his realm. Lumo found a loophole in the no fighting agreement as their creations could still fight. Lumo sent an army of drow to attack Arcana's largest city and an army of vampires and zombies to attack Typh's largest city. Not realizing these were undead creatures, Arcana and Typh declared their creations were at war. As they fought Lumo's legion of undead grew larger. Much of the Overland and the Infinite Sea was damaged in the process so Typh and Arcana drew a truce:As long as no Arcanan is found in the Overland and no Typhian in the Infinite Sea there shall be no warring.

For years and years neither god broke the truce. But since the first war neither civilization was the same. Both had focused on preparing an army for when the other broke the truce. Neither god yet knew that Lumo was behind the first war. Lumo, on the other hand, was laughing over how tense the others were being. It was during this time that the Titan Generals were made. The Titan Generals were the people just under Typh or Arcana in command. Lumo loved it when they made these people for he would gain them when they died.

A Shattered Truce

Lumo then sent a legion of vampires into the Overland and a legion of Drow into the Infinite Sea. This once more enraged Typh and Arcana and put them into the Second War. The Titan Generals loved this new world of war and, once they got a taste of battle went on a rampage. Even Lumo, who loved war, couldn't control them once they were dead. So they were on a rampage even in death. The three gods had a temporary truce to decide what to do with the Titan Generals. After the meeting they Banished the Titan Generals to Prisonus. Then Typh and Arcana got back to their war.

After this second war Typh and Arcana once again made a truce: No more fighting unless they had a good reason. They once more allowed their creations to enter each others lands. This truce lasted over a million years. During this time the Arcanans became halflings and dwarves while the Typhians became humans and elves.

A New Creation

The Gods decided that they were to overburdened with all they do so they decided to make a new agreement: they may make new lesser gods, as long as they aren't to powerful and take the place of one thing that they did. These gods were made. (They were all the deities in the players guide and more.) The gods that were the most revered with the most power. They were the nature gods, one for each God, Typh made Spring, Arcana made Summer, and Lumo made autumn. The season winter though was made to allow the nature gods time to rest.


Even though Lumo liked this time of new creation, he still wanted more war. He decided to have the lesser gods fight instead of the mortals. To do this he made two gods. One looked like Arcana's and one looked like Typh's. He had LuTyph and one of his normal ones attack Arcana's gods and LuArcana and one of his normal ones attack Typh's lesser gods. Believing the other two attacked them all three went to war. Then 1 of the lesser gods was hit by a beam of energy from another god. The god that was hit then faded from existence. The gods needed more people so they had the Nature Gods battle to. Then the nature gods faded.

On Typh[edit]

On Typh little was different from normal. Then it became a winter harsher than ever. The winter lasted five years. Then, after the winter, all of the plants died and the animals died. Then the water that was not stored dried up. Everyone who survived that used stored food and water.

Typh. It is a desert.

Once a sea of green,

Now a sea of death.

Not one blade of grass,

Not one animal,

Not a drop of rain.

-The period of Evermelt

, by Sir Newton Hammerdown, 6 E.M.(Evermelt)/6 A.E.W.(After Everwinter)


In the heavens the war still went on and the gods couldn't focus on answering their followers causing divine magic to cease existence.

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