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The Way of the Spear focuses on mastering the art of 2-handed Spear combat. While the Spear may seem like a simple weapon to use, true mastery is difficult to achieve but yields incredible results. This tradition is a sacred one where Monk's focus on complete attunement to the art of spearmanship and calligraphy. Way of the spear monks are regarded as elitists and are highly respected by the other traditions. Due to the physical and mental demands, not all who seek this path are permitted to follow this way. A min dexterity score of 17 and a min wisdom score of 16 are required for acceptance into the way of the spear. It is encouraged to use this to assist in role playing the character; considering, not all traditions are available to everyone. Because of their devotion to Ki, balance, grace, and art, absolute aliments are also forbidden (lawful good / chaotic evil) and neutral alignments are encouraged. As an optional rule, DM's may permit entrance into this tradition after characters increase their ability scores at level 4 and beyond. This greater enriches the role play ability of this elite path; forgoing their previous path and learning "the way of the spear" and becoming a spear master. Finally, the monk may have to go under go a specific trial or test prior to being accepted if they were at first denied admittance.

This subclass is very powerful and should be used with considerable care.

A Master of the Spear.

The Way of the Spear[edit]

Upon following this Monastic Tradition at level 3 your skill with the Spear has increased to the point that your weapon damage increases to 1d10 while wielding a spear in both hands. This increases to 1d12 at level 6, 3d6 at level 11, and 4d6 at level 17.

Monks following this path may only ever engage attack actions with a spear or unarmed. All other weapons are forbidden. Attacks made with weapons other than spears suffer a -2 penalty to attack.

At level 6, you gain the "Pole-Arm Master" feat. If you already have this feat, you may replace with a feat of your choosing

Spear Versatility[edit]

You may choose to deal slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning damage with your spear attacks.

Spear Forms[edit]

At level 3, you gain one of the following Spear Forms listed below:

Yamārashi Form[edit]

While in this Spear Form you begin quick whirling motions with your spear, giving fewer options for enemies to attack you from. This provides a +1 Bonus to your AC.

Tora Form[edit]

While in this Spear Form your attacks have much more force behind them. This provides +3 to damage rolls.

Hoippu Form[edit]

While in this Spear Form you make attacks in wide arcs. This provides a +5 to the Melee attack range of your spear.

You may only pick one

Spear Defense[edit]

At level 3, when you are wearing no armor and wielding a spear with both hands, your AC is increased by 1.

Spear Adept[edit]

At level 6, your spear attacks become more dangerous when augmented through your ki. You may select one of the following effects when you make an attack with a spear, expending 1 ki when doing so:

  • Gain advantage on attack rolls.
  • After making a successful attack on a target, you can, as a reaction make an immediate single spear attack against a creature within 10' of the target. This uses your reaction for that round.
  • Force a hit creature of size large or smaller to make a Dex save against your ki save DC. On a failure, the target is knocked prone and takes 1d4 bludgeoning damage.
  • Force a hit creature to make a Str save against your ki save DC. On a failure, the target is knocked 15 feet away.
  • Critical hit on 18, 19, or 20.
  • Throw a spear equal to a distance of your proficiency bonus times the spear's max range with no penalty. Spending an additional Ki point forces the spear to return to you at the start of your next turn.

Only one Spear Adept augmentation can be used per round and only applies to primary spear attack actions. The augmentation should be announced before the attack roll.

One with the Spear[edit]

At level 17, when a spear attack hits a target, you may spend 8 KI points and perform Quivering Palm. This requires attunement. The Monk must meditate with the spear for an uninterrupted 8 hours and the spear must have been in at least 1 battle prior with the monk.

Spear Master[edit]

At level 17, you are a true spear master and are able to transfer your KI's life force to any spear that is not currently enchanted or does not contain any magical properties. After meditating with the spear for an uninterrupted 8 hours, the monk can choose to add:

  • a plus modifier to the spear's damage rolls equal to the monk's wisdom modifier. The spear end glows a soft red and gives off light equal to 10/5
  • a plus modifier to the spear's attack rolls equal to the monk's wisdom modifier. The spear end glows a soft blue and gives off light equal to 10/5
  • a "once per round" HP regeneration property to the spear equal to monk's wisdom modifier. The monk must be wielding the spear with both hands for the entire previous round. The spear end glows a soft gold and gives off light equal to 10/5

If the spear is touched by a person other than the casting monk, the spear turns to dust. Only one master spear can be used or in affect at a time. A master spear cannot be changed or modified once created. If destroyed, the master can create another master spear of their choosing.

The Monk gains all features under the "Spear Adept" heading without spending KI with their master Spear

While holding your master spear, you gain the Elemental Attunement ability

While holding your master spear, all party members within 10 feet of you gain +1 to wisdom, +3 to wisdom checks, and +3 to wisdom saves

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