Tome of Flaws: Descriptions of Addictions, Flaws and Phobias P (3.5e Sourcebook)

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Painful Aberrant Mark (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Aberrant Dragonmark(ECS)

Description: Your aberrant mark is especially painful to use.

Effect: Whenever you use your aberrant dragonmark's power, you take 1d4 damage per spell level. This cannot be resisted or negated by damage resistance or reduction. Any damage sustained by this effect can be healed naturally.

Panic Button (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Cannot be immune to fear

Description: You tend to have an exaggerated response to fear

Effect: Whenever you are affected by a fear effect, the fear effects as if it were more intense. Thus, effects that result in Shaken leave you Frightened, and effects that resulted in Frightened leave you panicked. If an effect would normally leave you panicked, then you sh*t yourself and fall unconscious for a number of rounds equal to the DC of the fear effect.

Paranoia (Flaw)

Description: Trust no one!

Effect: I told you, they're not on our side. They're out to get us, and how much you want to bet that tomorrow we'll have MORE assassins waiting for us! You're paranoid, often about a particular subject, but find yourself generally twitchy. You find yourself clashing with threats both real and imagined. You take a −4 penalty to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks.

Partially Blind (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must have eyesight.

Description: You are partially blind, making movement and combat, specially ranged combat, very difficult.

Effect: You count as blinded to any attacks or effects originating from at least 30 feet away from you. Beyond 60 feet all checks and activities that rely on vision (such as reading and spot checks) automatically fail, you still see vague blur allowing you to navigate correctly. Your poor vision confer you a -2 penalty to AC (do not stack with the penalty from being blinded) and lower your speed to 3/4th.

Pathetic (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Description: You are weaker in an attribute than you should be.

Effect: Reduce one of your ability scores by 2 randomly. Roll a 1D6 and determine the ability score that is affected:

1: Strength

2: Constitution

3: Dexterity

4: Intelligence

5: Wisdom

6: Charisma

Peculiar Talents (Flaw)

Description: You are skilled in things that do not make you a better adventurer.

Effect: You must spend at least 2 or half (whichever is less) skill points per level (or 8 at 1st level) on ranks in Appraise, Craft (non-practical only), Perform or Profession.

Persistent Misfortune (Flaw)

Description: Negative status conditions last twice as long as normal, while positive conditions have their durations cut in half.

Effect: Life just won't cut you a break. When you are under a negative status condition with a duration, the duration is twice as long as normal. When you are under a positive status condition with a duration, the duration is halved, minimum 1 round.

For example, a creature with this flaw is hit by a 5th level slow, but he is slowed for 10 rounds. He's also poisoned, and the poison lasts for 2 minutes instead of 1, provoking another secondary save against poison at the end of the 2nd minute. His friends cast a 6th level mage armor on him, but for him it'll only last 3 hours.

Personality Issues (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Charisma 16 or more.

Description: You have major personality issues, which make it very, very hard to interact with people well. Maybe you are extremely shy, maybe a huge asshole.

Effect: You do not add your Charisma modifier to any Charisma-based ability check or skill check. You don't deal well with people and whenever you are forced into a social situation you take a daunt level.

Special: A character with this Flaw now bases their Intimidate skill on their Strength instead of her Charisma.

Petit Mal Seizures (Flaw)

Description: You have a neurological disorder than can be quite the interruption.

Effect: Whenever you fail a skill or ability check by 5 or more, you have an absence epileptic seizure and are stunned for one round.

Phobia (Phobia)

Description: You are afraid of something.

See the Phobia information and Phobia Charts on pages 14 and 15.

Polished Hand (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Character must have more than one hand.

Description: Two hands are better than one, so why didn't you train both of them?

Prerequisite: Character must have more than one hand.

Effect: Characters with this flaw take a -2 attack penalty when wielding a weapon in their offhand(s), and when wielding a weapon with more than one hand. They also take a -1 AC penalty when wielding a shield in their offhand(s).

Ponderous Spellcaster (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Ability to cast spells.

Description: Your spells take additional time to cast.

Effect: Casting time for all spells is doubled. Single action spells become full-round actions. Free action spells require a standard action to cast.

Poor Divine Connection (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must be a full prepared divine caster.

Description: You and your deity have a rather poor connection. You ask for consecrate, he sends you combust. It's almost like he uses Comcast for his divine channeling work.

Effect: You cannot spontaneously convert your spell slots (like a cleric to cure and inflict or druid into summon nature ally). Whenever you prepare your spells, half of your spell slots (rounded up) are prepared with random spells of the same level.

Special: With this flaw, you must maintain full divine spellcasting or else lose its benefits.

Poor Immune System (Flaw)

Description: You are easily harmed by diseases and poisons.

Effect: Whenever you are subject to a disease, the disease effects takes place immediately instead of its usual incubation time after which, you are subject to the disease as normal.

Poisons have their secondary effects kick in after 3 rounds instead of 1 minute.

You take a -4 penalty on saves against disease and poison, and you cannot become immune to disease and poison.

Special: If you gain immunity to disease or poison the -4 penalty is lifted, but immunity is not granted.

Poor Reflexes (Flaw)

Description: You often zig when you should have zagged.

Effect: You take a –3 penalty on Reflex Saves.

Poor Saves (Flaw)

Description: Bad things happen to you: it's rather unfortunate.

Effect: You suffer a penalty to all saves equal to one-quarter your character level, to a minimum of -1.

Poor Spatial Relations (Flaw)

Description: You keep running into walls, provoking attacks of opportunity, and getting caught in fireballs.

Effect: You count as having the space of a creature one size category larger whenever it would be disadvantageous to you. Additionally, enemies count as having the space and reach of a creature one size category larger whenever it would be beneficial for them against your attacks.

Possessed Item (Flaw)

Description: You have a possessed piece of gear, it tend to curse you and has a grating personality. The worst part about it is that you could decide not to wear it, but you need that Bonus feat.

Effect: You have a possessed item which is bound to your soul. You decide if the possess item is haunted by a celestial, fiend of undead, it detect as a creature of that kind with a CR equal to your HD. The piece of possessed gear must either be worn in a magic item slot or wielded, it is a master crafted item of it kind.

When not wearing it you cannot benefits from any other piece of gear which would take the same magic item slot. If it a weapon you may still wield other weapon, however you take a -2 penalty to attack and damage. If the piece of gear is lost or destroyed you inexplicably find it again on your travel. The piece of possessed gear also forces a random Drawback, which change every 24 hours. If the random drawback would kill the character (negative level) it is rerolled, none of the drawback gained by this flaw are permanent. The item also possesses an annoying personality which acts like a reversed psicrystal personality.

Special: The Bonus Feat granted by this flaw is directly tied to the piece of possessed gear, if the piece is removed the feat gained by this flaw and all feat which use said feat as a prerequisites are temporarily rendered unusable until the piece is worn again. Like a normal item the piece of gear can be enhanced and even made into an Object Familiar.

Power Focus (Flaw)

Prerequisite: 1st Level only.

Description: You gained all your powers and abilities through a single artifact you found at the start of your career.

Effect: Choose one class you have class level in, that class need to have supernatural abilities, spell-like abilities or spellcasting. You gain an item during character creation that occupies one body slot of your choice (chosen when this flaw is taken).

You cannot use any of the chosen class's supernatural, spell-like and spellcasting abilities unless you wear the item. Additionally you cannot have more level of another class than the chosen or any class which advance it abilities. The item can be enhanced as normal, if it held it can be any weapon you are proficient with and if it occupy the body slot it can be any armor you are proficient with. The initial value of the armor or weapon can be no higher than 2000 gp.

Special: If the item is lost or destroyed a 1 hour ritual can be performed once per day at the cost of your class level squared x 10 in gold pieces, doing so restore the item.

Powerful Build (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Strength 17 or more

Description: The flip side of Weak Build, characters with this flaw were huge and ungainly from birth. They accidentally crushed their toys, broke furniture, ripped their clothes and never really learned to function properly in a world sized for people smaller than they are.

Effect: Any frail items that are easily broken (arrows, dishes, glassware, etc.). The character must make Strength Check whenever they handle a fragile or frail item. They break the item on a successful DC check for the item.

For example: A character grabbing an arrow from their quiver, rolls their strength check and it is successful for a DC15. They snap the end of the arrow off when they grab it, making it useless.

Special: A character who takes the Clumsy Build flaw cannot have Powerful Build.

Pride (Flaw)

Description: No matter the odds, you refuse to retreat from battle due to your overwhelming pride and honor.

Effect: During combat, if you move further away from all enemies you are aware of, willingly or otherwise, you become Shaken. This effect lasts until you move adjacent to an enemy in combat (even if this isn't until sometime later).

Pride, Greater (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Cha 13.

Description: Your arrogance is your downfall.

Effect: You don't take failure well. Whenever you fail at a d20 roll (be it an attack, save, or skill) your shame gives you a -1 penalty on subsequent checks of that sort for 1 round. The effect is cumulative (to a maximum of -5).

If the failure is a natural 1, the -1 applies to all d20 rolls and lasts for 24 hours (still to a maximum of -5).

Rolling a natural 20 reduces the penalty by 1, to a minimum of -1.

Privileged Youth (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must be of born noble or royal or at least from a very rich family.

Description: You have never known an existence other than privilege and abundance, almost assuredly spoiled rotten. You dress impeccably, always expect luxury and treat people of lower station either poorly or dismissively.

Effect: If you wear anything but a Noble's Outfit or Royal Outfit, you suffer a -2 armor check penalty from the scratching an itching. If you do not wear at least 100 g.p. worth of jewelry and luxury item per character level on yourself you take -1 morale penalty to all d20 check (the noble outfit and royal outfit count toward that amount). If you rest in a substandard place you take a -1 morale penalty to d20 checks for the next day, this penalty stack with the previous penalty (this include places without access to washing station, a comfortable beds and similar amenities).

Additionally nonhostile creatures of lower and middle class start out one step less friendly to you (to a minimum of unfriendly). This is only the starting mood, and may change over time.

Psionicist (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must be able to manifest psionic powers.

Description: You manifest your powers like a spell caster cast a spell.

Effect: Your powers work like spell and thus need somatic and verbal components in order to function; you gain arcane spell failure from armor and other effect.

Special: You must maintain your manifester level to at least half your character level; otherwise you lose the benefits of the feat granted by this flaw.

Psychotic Fighter (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Any Non-Evil.

Description: You have a strange tendency, whether because of a supernatural effect or a personality flaw, to become psychotic and dangerous during a fight. You can hold yourself, but sometime you must stop holding back.

Effect: You start any encounter with two Daunt levels, unlike a normal Daunt levels it does not result in your becoming Staggered if they are your only daunt levels.

At any point past the first round of combat you may remove it as a free action, as long you dealt damage to a creature or a creature dealt damage to you. Upon doing so you become temporarily Chaotic Evil and you become unable to deal non-lethal damage willingly. You count as both your original alignment and as chaotic evil whenever doing so would be disadvantageous. This effect last for the encounter and 5 rounds thereafter.

Puffer Fish (Flaw)

Prerequisite: A Str of 15 or less.

Description: You appear much stronger then you actually are and NPCs like to challenge you.

Effect: You appear to have a STR of 18.

NPCs like to test their strength against you above anyone else in your party. Bar fights, tests of strength and similar always happen to you. There is a 1% chance per level that a NPC will want to test their strength against yours.

Special: You add a +2 to Intimidate and similar skills

Purple Curse (Substance Addiction)

Description: The Purple Curse is made from the Violet Fungus. It is dried, mixed with various herbs and ground into a powder. It causes the character to enter into a violent rage that lasts 3d4 turns. It takes 1d4 rounds for the effects to start. The drug is a powder that has a bright purple color.

Initial Effect: The creature gains a +2 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution, a +1 morale bonus on Will Saves, and a -2 penalty to AC.

Secondary Effect: After the drug takes effect, the character starts attacking enemies in front of them. They will not cease attacking under the duration of the drug and will not follow any commands. Allies can be attacked as well; there is a 25% chance that if an ally is in front of them, they will attack them.

Side Effects: After the drug wears off, the character is exhausted.

Overdose: If more than one does is taken within a 24-hour period, the character has a 10% chance per dose to suffer 1 Hit Point of damage each round, until they are unconscious.

Delivery: Inhaled through the nose.

Addiction Rating: Vicious.

Price: 1 Copper per dose

Resistance DC: 20

Alchemy DC: 20

Purse Blind (Flaw)

Description: You're bad with money and trade.

Effect: Your character suffers a -6 penalty on appraisal skill checks, and -3 on sense motive skill checks when bartering to buy or sell and item.

Pyrophobia (Phobia)

Trigger: Fire.

Effect: When encountering fire, the character must make a Will Save equal to 15 or suffer from their Phobia.

Each round the character is in the presence of fire they must make a Will Save and it is increased by one each round.

If they fail their save, they suffer from the following effects:

The first time they fail their check they become Shaken.

The second time they fail their check, they become Frightened.

The third time they fail their check, they become Panicked.

A character that is no longer in the presence fire can make a DC check based off their last failed roll to remove the effects of the Phobia. They can only make this roll once every ten minutes.

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