Tome of Flaws: Descriptions of Addictions, Flaws and Phobias N (3.5e Sourcebook)

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Narcissistic (Flaw)

Description: Your devotion to your own beauty tends to be distracting.

Effect: Whenever you see yourself in a reflective surface, you are fascinated by it for 1d4 rounds. Additionally, if you take a full HD's worth of damage (for example, if a Wizard takes 4 damage) in one attack, you become Shaken until you spend a standard action to check themselves to see if they've been made any less beautiful from the attack. Failure to do so will leave the character Shaken until they do. Characters with different HD values must use their lowest value HD for this purpose.

Narcolepsy (Flaw)

Description: You have difficulty staying awake.

Effect: You suffer a -6 penalty to any saves against sleep effects; When you fail a save against a sleep effect, the duration is doubled. You lose any immunity to sleep effects, and cannot gain immunity to sleeping effects by any means.

Narcolepsy, Greater (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must be a race which sleeps.

Description: You keep falling asleep...

Effect: You keep falling asleep. During any period of non-strenuous activity, you have a cumulative 10% percent chance each hour of falling asleep. For example after 5 hours of crafting you have a 50% chance of falling asleep. You stay asleep for 8 hours, or until woken up.

Even in combat, you start to feel drowsy. You are semiconscious in the first round of combat.

You take a −4 on saves against sleep, and even on a successful save you are rendered semiconscious for the duration or until you take a standard action to wake yourself up. You cannot be immune to sleep, but immunity instead negates the penalty and gives you a +2 bonus on saves against sleep.

Near-Sighted (Flaw)

Description: Character finds it hard to see things at greater distances.

Effect: The penalty for Spot checks increases to -3 per 10 feet of distance. Also due to their inability to see things coming they get a -2 penalty to Initiative Checks.

Normal: Spot checks have a penalty of -1 per 10 feet.

Necrophobia (phobia)

Trigger: Corpses, including animated corpses (zombie, skeleton); furnishings associated with death (such as coffins or gravestones).

Effect: When undead and undead-like creatures, the character must make a Will Save equal to 10+ the undead creatures combined HD or suffer from their Phobia.

Each round the character is in the presence of undead they must make a Will Save and it is increased by one each round.

If they fail their save, they suffer from the following effects:

The first time they fail their check they become Shaken.

The second time they fail their check, they become Frightened.

The third time they fail their check, they become Panicked.

A character that is no longer in the presence of undead they can make a DC check based off their last failed roll to remove the effects of the Phobia. They can only make this roll once every ten minutes.

Need a Hero (Flaw)

Description: You need a hero, otherwise your resolve falter and your fighting skills suffer from it.

Effect: When not within 10 feet of an allied creature of your CR or greater you are At Bay from all hostile creatures.

Special: A character with this flaw cannot declare any creature an ally for the purpose of this flaw. Only creatures who are fighting alongside the character count.

Nice Save

Description: You epically fail all over the place.

Effect: You can critically fail skill checks, automatically failing on a roll of one. In addition, when you fail a skill check the degree of failure is always one worse than your result would suggest. A critical failure always creates the worst possible result for that skill use.

Night Blindness (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must have eyes. Cannot have darkvision or low-light vision.

Description: Your night vision is horrible due to a birth defect.

Effect: A character takes double the normal penalties within darkness conditions.

No Facial Hair (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Dwarven race or another race that ties their social standings with facial hair.

Description: You’re unable to grow a beard.

Effect: You are unable to grow a beard. You have -4 to your Cha when dealing with other dwarves and -2 to other races who know what a dwarf is.

Your social standing is impacted by the lack of a beard and your family is deeply embarrassed by you.

Nobody Tells Me What To Do (Flaw)

Description: You are being contrarian.

Effect: "Nobody tells Magneto what to do!" Whenever someone tells you that you can't, don't, or shouldn't do something you must make a save as if the speaker cast suggestion (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Charisma modifier). If you fail, you follow through with what they said not to do. This bypasses any immunity to mind-affecting or compulsion.

Special: You're contrarian as all hell. People can abuse this to make you do things.

Non-Combatant (Flaw)

Description: You are not used to be in the fray of conflict, causing your fighting skills to stagger considerably.

Effect: The base attack bonus from all classes you take is lowered by one step; full becomes medium, medium becomes poor, and poor becomes nothing (yeah, you don't get any base attack bonus at all).

Not Good Enough (Flaw)

Description: You have an inferiority complex which affects you for real. You're good sometimes, but never the best.

Effect: Whenever you roll a d20, treat is as a natural roll one lower. This means a natural 2 becomes a fumble, and you can never roll a natural 20.

Nyctalopia (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must have functional eyes.

Description: You cannot see in the dark.

Effect: You treat shadowy lighting as dark lighting. You can never benefit from darkvision or low-light vision.

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