The Gaelic Gamble (5e Spell)

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The Gaelic Gamble
Transmutation cantrip
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: 30 ft
Components: V
Duration: Instantaneous

The spell is a branch of wizard chronomancy designed to cause age manipulation either for or against the target, it can successfully restore targets you or bring a Target near death with old age. both parties must be willing participants. Age Manipulation Spell is very powerful spell originated from Old Gaelic culture. It can be considered as a branch of Reality Warping and Chronokinesis. The spell is used to manipulate the aging process of the user and the target. Procedure. The user must recite a Gaelic incantation over poker chips which causes them to become set aflame. Once done, whatever a person bets with the chips, they will lose or gain years to their life.

The following incantation is:

Lannraich gu dealrach a-nis.

Las suas agus cuir ás an teine.

Mar sin bitheadh.

Reversal Spell

If done right will reverse all of the magic, and revert everyone still living back to the their rightful ages.

The spell requires many ingredients. The ingredients for the spell include the jawbone of a murderer and anything which contains DNA of the caster. The ingredients must be placed in a bowl and set aflame while a Gaelic incantation is recited.

The following spell is:

Airmidh mi air maponus, dia— na hogalachd.

Gairmidh mi air sucellus, dia na time.

Till an-dràsda obair uile gu bheilair a bhith deànta.

Mar sin bitheadh.

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