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Complete Warrior
Abbreviation: CW
Author: Andy Collins, David Noonan, Ed Stark
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Item Code: 176640000
Release Date: November 2003
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 160
ISBN-10: 0-7869-2880-8
Price: $26.95 ; C$39.95
Product Blurb:
Forge your name in battle!

The Complete Warrior provides you with an in-depth look at combat and provides detailed information on how to prepare a character for confrontation.

This title was not only compiled from various D&D sources, but contains new things as well, including new battle-oriented character classes, prestige classes, combat maneuvers, feats, spells, magic items, and equipment. The prestige classes included have been revised and updated based on player feedback, and there are rules for unusual combat situations. The Complete Warrior will assist all class types, including those classes not typically associated with melee combat. There are also tips on running a martially focused campaign and advice on how to make your own prestige classes and feats.

This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.


Name Page Description
Anvil of Thunder 112 You have mastered the style of fighting with hammer and axes at the same time, and have learned to deal thunderous blows with this unique pairing of weapons.
Arcane Strike 96 You can channel arcane energy into your melee attacks.
Armor Skin 151 Your skin becomes like armor.
Arterial Strike 96 Your sneak attacks target large blood vessels, leaving wounds that cause massive blood loss.
Axiomatic Strike 96 You can turn your fist into an instrument of law.
Bear Fang 112 You have mastered the fierce style of fighting with axe and dagger at the same time.
Cavalry Charger 108 Fighting from the back of a steed is second nature to you.
Clever Wrestling 97 You have a better than normal chance to escape or wriggle free from a big creature's grapple or pin.
Close-Quarters Fighting 97 You are skilled at fighting at close range and resisting grapple attempts.
Combat Archery 151 You can fire a bow in melee safely.
Combat Brute 110 You employ strength and leverage to great effect in battle.
Combat Insight 151 Your keen intellect allows you to place melee attacks where they will deal the most damage.
Crescent Moon 113 You have mastered the style of fighting with sword and dagger.
Damage Reduction 151 You can shrug off some damage from attacks.
Dash 97 You can move faster than normal.
Defensive Strike 97 You can turn a strong defense into a powerful offense.
Defensive Throw 97 You can use your opponent's weight, strength, and momentum against her, deflecting her attack and throwing her to the ground.
Destructive Rage 97 You can shatter barriers and objects when enraged.
Divine Cleansing 106 You can channel energy to improve your allies' ability to resist attacks against their vitality and health.
Divine Might 106 You can channel energy to increase the damage you deal in combat.
Divine Resistance 106 You can channel energy to temporarily reduce damage you and your allies take from some sources.
Divine Shield 106 You can channel energy to make your shield more effective for either offense or defense.
Divine Vigor 108 You can channel energy to increase your speed and durability.
Eagle Claw Attack 97 Your superior insight allows you to strike objects with impressive force.
Earth's Embrace 97 You can crush opponents when you grapple them.
Elusive Target 110 Trying to land a blow against you can be a maddening experience.
Epic Combat Expertise 151 You have extraordinary talent at using your combat skill for defense.
Epic Prowess 151 You have great skill in combat.
Epic Sunder 151 You are preternaturally tough.
Epic Toughness 151 You are specially good at using one chosen type of weapon.
Epic Weapon Focus 151 You deal extra damage when attacking objects.
Extend Rage 97 You are able to maintain your rage longer than most.
Extra Rage 98 You may rage more frequently than normal.
Extra Smiting 98 You can make more smite attacks.
Extra Stunning 98 You gain extra stunning attacks.
Eyes in the Back of Your Head 98 Your superior battle sense helps minimize the threat of flanking.
Faster Healing 98 You recover faster than normal.
Favored Power Attack 98 You are able to deal more damage against your favored enemies.
Fists of Iron 99 You have learned the secrets of imbuing your unarmed attacks with extra force.
Fleet of Foot 99 You run nimbly, able to turn corners without losing momentum.
Flick of the Wrist 99 With a single motion, you can draw a light weapon and make a devastating attack.
Flying Kick 99 You literally leap into battle, dealing devastating damage.
Formation Expert 110 You are trained at fighting in ranks and files.
Freezing the Lifeblood 99 You can paralyze a humanoid opponent with an unarmed attack.
Giantbane 111 You are trained in fighting foes larger than you are.
Greater Kiai Shout 99 You kiai shout can panic your opponents.
Greater Resiliency 99 Your extraordinary resilience to damage increases.
Greater Two-Weapon Defense 100 When fighting with two weapons, your defenses are extraordinarily strong.
Hammer's Edge 113 You are a master of the style of fighting with a hammer and sword at the same time.
Hamstring 100 You can wound your opponents' legs, hampering their movement.
High Sword Low Axe 113 You have mastered the style of fighting with a sword and axe at the same time.
Hold the Line 100 You are trained in defensive techniques against charging opponents.
Improved Buckler Defense 100 You can attack with an off-hand weapon while retaining a buckler's shield bonus to your Armor Class.
Improved Combat Expertise 100 You have mastered the art of defense in combat.
Improved Familiar 100 This feat allows spellcasters to acquire a new familiar from a nonstandard list, but only when they could normally acquire a new familiar.
Improved Favored Enemy 101 You know how to hit your favored enemies where it hurts.
Improved Mounted Archery 101 You can make ranged attacks from a mount almost as well as you can from the ground.
Improved Rapid Shot 101 You are an expert at firing weapons with exceptional speed.
Improved Toughness 101 You are significantly tougher than normal.
Improved Two-Weapon Defense 101 You gain a significant defensive advantage while fighting with two weapons.
Improved Weapon Familiarity 101 You are familiar with all exotic weapons common to your people.
Instantaneous Rage 102 You activate your rage instantly.
Intimidating Rage 102 Your rage engenders fear in your opponents.
Karmic Strike 102 You have learned to strike when your opponent is more vulnerable -- the same instant your opponent strikes you.
Kiai Shout 102 You can bellow forth a shout that strikes terror into your enemies.
Legendary Rider 152 You can ride a mount in combat with ease, even bareback.
Lightning Mace 113 You are a master of fighting with two maces at the same time.
Monkey Grip 103 You are able to use a larger weapon than other people your size.
Net and Trident 114 You are a master of fighting with the net and the trident.
Pain Touch 103 You cause intense pain in an opponent with a successful stunning attack.
Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting 152 You can attack with your off-hand weapon as frequently as with your primary weapon.
Phalanx Fighting 103 You are trained in fighting in close formation with your allies.
Pin Shield 103 You know how to get inside your opponent's guard by pinning his shield out of the way.
Power Critical 103 Choose one weapon, such as a longsword or a greataxe. With that weapon, you know how to hit where it hurts.
Prone Attack 103 You can attack from a prone position without penalty.
Quick Staff 114 You have mastered the style of fighting with a quarterstaff.
Ranged Disarm 103 You can disarm a foe from a distance.
Ranged Pin 104 You can perform a ranged grapple attempt against an opponent not adjacent to you.
Ranged Sunder 104 You can attack an opponent's weapon from a distance.
Rapid Stunning 104 You can use your stunning attacks in rapid succession.
Raptor School 111 You know martial arts techniques inspired by hunting birds.
Roundabout Kick 105 You can follow up on a particularly powerful unarmed attack with a mighty kick, spinning in a complete circle before landing the kick.
Sacred Vengeance 108 You can channel energy to deal extra damage against undead in melee.
Sharp-Shooting 105 Your skill with ranged weapons lets you score hits others would miss due to an opponent's cover.
Shield Charge 105 You deal extra damage if you use your shield as a weapon when charging.
Shield Slam 105 You can use your shield to daze your opponent.
Shock Trooper 112 You are adept at breaking up formations of soldiers when you rush into battle.
Spinning Halberd 114 You have mastered the style of fighting with a halberd.
Sun School 112 You have learned a number of esoteric martial arts techniques inspired by the sun.
Swarmfighting 105 You and allies with this feat can coordinate melee attacks against a single target and are adept at fighting side by side in close quarters.
Three Mountains 114 You are a master of fighting with powerful bludgeoning weapons.
Throw Anything 105 In your hands, any weapon becomes a deadly ranged weapon.
Weakening Touch 106 You can temporarily weaken an opponent with your unarmed strike.
Wield Oversized Weapon 153 You can use larger than normal weapons with ease.
Zen Archery 106 Your intuition guides your hand when you use a ranged weapon.

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