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While the tide of shadow started pouring over into our world, bullies didn't need its help. Pestering, bullying, harassing... all in a day's work for someone bigger than the other students, teachers, and even the principals.

The targets of these taunts have hoped that teachers and principals would start doing more. Since these people don't for various reasons, these students have had their patience tested. The students that failed this testing now wished for vengeance, but had little chance of succeeding.

When the tide turned, their wishes started being answered. The Hopeless was a group generated from these youth. They now had the outlet they need, the hands to generate revenge. As Shadowkind Syndicates gave them arms and trained them in spellcasting.

Since often they spent enough time studying for school, they didn't want to study arcana on top of it, so divine spellcaster outnumber the arcane spellcasters. Some of the more trained Hopeless started uncovering secrets that allowed a Hopeless Acolyte some of the destructive powers of Mages.

Because of the actions of the Hopeless, school shootings have skyrocketed. The Hopeless have now started their quest for vengeance, and there is little chance of knowing how long they'll continue.

The Hopeless were a part of The Instrumentality, but removed their membership after God's Army was defeated.

Hopeless Manifesto[edit]

"It’s been a schoolyard scenario for so long. The bully messes with someone who could make something of themselves, and no one helps. We cannot generate enough force to get back at them, and if we could, they’d just step up their game. Violence begatting violence. Groups avoiding the real matter of bullying and focusing on superficial things because they want to look like a hero. Many of us have left those days behind, but some want the schools safe for our children. As we see it, if we raise the level of violence to a level where they can’t compete, they’ll have to stop the madness, and the ones who don’t will die. A fitting end for the fools. We have given up hope that the fools will learn their lesson. We are the Hopeless."

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