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Built By: Elves

Used Primarily By: Elves, some men

Cost: 240,000 gp

Hit Points: 500

Damage Threshold: 13

Crew: 10/60

Max ability modifier: +3

Landing—Land: No

Landing—Water: No

Armor Class: 13

Standard Armament:

  • 2 medium ballistae
  • 1 medium catapult
  • 1 medium jettison

Cargo(tons): 300

Keel Length: 200'

Beam Length: 20'


Built on the largest grown hull commonly available in space, the Elvish Man-O-War is an extremely versatile craft. Its basic design is derived from the much smaller Elvish Cutter, but the Man-O-War is a much sturdier and heavily armed warship. The ship follows the same basic forms of all elvish ships; a titanic butterfly in space.

In its basic form, the Man-O-War is a far-ranging warship. Its weapons are distributed throughout the craft for advantageous firing positions and to prevent a single mass damage spell from disabling them all. The "head" of the craft serves, like on the Cutter, as a weapons pit for two medium ballistae. Unlike the cutter, the head is much bigger and there is room for a medium catapult on top. This catapult does not take up the entire space, as elvish archers like to use the forward deck as the prime position for them to rain down their deadly arrows on enemy ships. Behind the catapult is the bridge, where the captain commands the ship. He communicates with the rest of the ship via voice tubes (sometimes magical). The helm is located here as well, reducing risks of miscommunication between the captain and the helmsman. Above the bridge is another catapult, protected in a turret.

Behind the bridge is a massive open space, capped by a hemispherical glass ceiling. This space was purposely added by elvish designers to make the craft one of the most versatile in space. It is easily modifiable, and can be changed to suit the needs of the ship's owner or the mission. At times, it serves as a garden, a barracks, a cargo bay, or a hanger. Ships that have fallen into other races' hands have a variety of other uses for this space as well.

Beyond this space is the quarters of the captain and his officers. Their quarters are the most spacious and of the best quality on the ship. Above the officer quarters is the flight deck, which serves as landing platform for flitters of the Navy. The rear section of the flight deck is another weapons platform for two more medium ballistae.

The main deck, below the command deck, is the largest section of the craft. The quarters of the sailors, marines, and the weapon teams are all located on this deck. Guest quarters and even a brig are also located on this deck.

The lowest deck, with an opposite gravity plane than the upper decks, is the observation deck. The galley, mess hall, and special rooms for mages are all part of this deck. Some ships have libraries and magical labs for onboard mages, while others convert the space into quarters for priests.

Ship Uses[edit]

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