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Elven Flitter[edit]

Built By: Elves

Used Primarily By: Elves

Cost: 4,000 gp

Hit Points: 50

Damage Threshold: 13

Crew: 1

Max ability modifier: +4

Landing—Land: Yes

Landing—Water: Yes

Armor Class: 12

Standard Armament:

  • None

Cargo(tons): None

Keel Length: 20'

Beam Width: 5'


One of the smallest standard ships in space, the Flitter is little more than a modified helm tucked within a small butterfly frame. Carrying a single passenger/captain/helmsman, the Flitter is really nothing more than an extension of the user's own form.

Like all elven ships, the Flitter is grown, not made, and is actually considered alive. This means that up to half the damage they sustain can be repaired with spells such as cure wounds that provide magical healing, as well as making them susceptible to magical effects that target a creature, though it is immune to being frightened or charmed.

Ship Variants[edit]

Depowered: Used as a landing craft and small fighter, these Flitters have their spelljamming helms replaced with more conventional engines. As such, they are incapable of spelljamming speeds but produce no strain on the pilot.

Wild: When a Flitter is abandoned for long periods of time, their crystalline wings become seriously overgrown and curl in on themselves, becoming brittle and unwieldy. Such craft have 11 AC, a max ability mod of +1, and must be extensively repaired to regain its normal stats. A Wild Flitter may or may not also be depowered, a casualty of a battle long ago.

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