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Circle of the Elements[edit]

Druid subclass

“I defy you interlopers to enter my domain!” roared the Lady of Flame, her pale face burning with hatred. “Your legionnaires cut down our master at Ynys Mon, but the great red wyrm still lives. And she speaks through me!” The twin vipers in her hands twisted at her words and a gout of fire billowed down the hill.

Druids of the Circle of Elements delight in the raw power of nature. Their magic harnesses the elements to their will, manipulating the environment, permitting them new forms of movement, conjuring elementals or enabling them to assume elemental forms. They tend to take on characteristics of their chosen element, so most fire druids are hot tempered, air druids are changeable and fickle, earth druids are stolid, and water druids wax and wane with the tides. Most compete fiercely with other druids and any of their allies. The Circle’s leaders are drawn from those rare individuals who have achieved a degree of balance and subtlety from mastery of all four elements.

Circle Spells

At 2nd level and above, your character’s connection to the elements grants them access to certain spells. Choose one of the following ‘elemental’ spell lists. You automatically know and prepare these spells as they become available at the appropriate levels. The spells do not count against any limit of spells known or prepared per day and you gain access to them even if they would not normally appear on the druid spell list.





All elements:

*Included in the elemental player’s supplement.

Bonus Cantrip

When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you learn one additional druid cantrip of your choice.

Elemental Energy Recovery

From 2nd level onwards, you can recover used spell slots during a short rest, of a combined value up to half your druid level, rounded up. This feature otherwise functions identically to the wizard’s Arcane Recovery feature.

Element Walker

Beginning at 6th level, you can travel freely through a single element type (earth, air, fire, or water) for a number of rounds equal to half your druid level, rounded up. While walking through earth, you are treated as having a burrow speed equal to your walking speed. While walking through air, you are treated as having a fly speed equal to your walking speed. You cannot break up your movement to attack or take any other actions, other than the Dash action, while you are using this power. You cannot take companions or allies with you using this power. Your equipment and clothing travels with you and is also protected. This feature cannot be used again until you finish a short or long rest.

Elemental Wild Shape

At 10th level and beyond, you can expend two uses of wild shape to transform into an air, water, fire, or earth elemental.

Blend the Elements

At 14th level, you gain the ability to create a single powerful effect that mixes the elements together. Choose one spell from this list: control weather, earthquake, incendiary cloud, or sunburst. You can cast that spell without expending a spell slot. You cannot cast that spell again until you have completed a long rest.

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