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The Deities of Yagura[edit]

Within the eight Islands of Yagura there are many Deities that are not well known in regions outside of Yagura.

The Deities are:

  • Bunshkin, The Disabler, the God of the Gremlin race
  • Crantor, The Heart of the Crater
  • Goddess of the sky, The Goddess of Hope and Reason
  • Mefidi, The Lady of Blind Destruction
  • Miken, Champion of Disguise
  • Mikioa, The Goddess of Affliction
  • Opatiteous, God of Honour and the Soul of Battle
  • Pentos, The God of the Hunt
  • Shin-ia, The Goddess of the Spirits
  • Sondar, The God of Unnatural Power
  • Tunsikeous, The God of the Shadows
  • Yeh, The Goddess of Paper, The Free Soul
  • Zakanda, The Demigod of Mutilation

The Gods and goddesses of Yagura have an uneasy respect for each other even though there is such a range of personalities and beliefs. They spend their time concentrating on those who worship them, aiding them in their quests and travels, waiting to see who’s followers will rise to the highest positions of power and influence.

Bunshkin, The God of the Gremlins[edit]

Bunshkin is chaotic good in alignment. He is known as The God of undoing, The Disabler and The God of the Safe path. In appearance he is a Gremlin with deep dark black matted, dirty fur, a cheeky grin and big bright yellow eyes. He wears tatty leather braces, hat and shoes.

Most gremlins and quite a few rogues worship Bunshkin. Other worshippers consist of anyone who relies on disabling objects, traps or any other form of construction on a regular basis. Some Druids also worship Bunshkin because they feel he helps preserve nature by disabling that which has been made by man. All of Bunshkins worshipers value safety, friendship and the ability to disable things.

Bunshkin’s domains are good, protection and travel. His favoured weapon is the short sword and his symbol is a broken stone disc that has a basic grinning face engraved into it.

Crantor, The Soul of Chaos[edit]

Crantor is chaotic evil in alignment. He is known as the soul of The Crater, The Relentless One and the Corruptor. In appearance he looks like a cloud of purple fog, which covers the whole of the Crater that drives most people to insanity.

Very few people even know of Crantor or his domain the Crater, only a handful of scholars know he exists and only a few hundred people know of the Crater. He cares little for worshipper or prayers and does not get involved with the other gods, which fear him and fail to understand him.

Crantor’s Domains are Air, Destruction, Evil, Chaos and Death. His favoured weapon is the Bastard Sword and his symbol is a deep purple orb.

Goddess of the Sky, The Lady of Hope[edit]

The Goddess of the Sky is neutral good in alignment, she is a greater deity. She is known as the Ever-Changing Goddess and The Goddess of Hope and Reason. She appears as a slender pale female with blank-bright blue eyes and a large pair of wings on her back.

People tend not to worship the Goddess of the Sky until they find themselves in great peril or when there is very little hope left. She watches over all good-natured people and tends to be very forgiving to those who once walked a dark path. This means that the goddess of the sky actually has many followers from all walks of life. Her worshippers dedicate their life to helping those that are out of luck or in misfortune, like their goddess that helped them. Not discriminating they will help friend and foe alike, often preventing violence whenever possible and seeing it as an unnecessary expense of life. Her followers are often found with a statue of the goddess that they use to pray with.

The Goddess of the Sky’s Domains are Good, Luck, Protection and Healing. Her favoured weapon is the long sword and her symbol is like that of an anchor with a fork like top and a circle that rests on the bottom of the bend.

Mefidi, The Insane One[edit]

Mefidi is lawful evil in alignment, she is a greater deity. Her titles are The sightless destroyer, The Lady of Blind Destruction and The Corrupted. She appears to resemble a humanoid female with greasy black hair, burnt out white eyes and blistered charred skin. She wears an elegant red kimono and often is pictured holding a bag of severed screaming heads.

Her worshipers consist of mostly monks, samurai and other lawful that use the law to punish those that are guilty, to beyond what is deemed acceptable in normal society. These worshipers usually follow their own set of laws and moral codes and worship Mefidi in secret whilst blending in with normal society.

Mefidi’s domains are Destruction, Evil, Law and Fire. Her favoured weapon is Eye blade and her symbol is a blind, scarred eye.

Miken, The Hidden[edit]

Miken is chaotic good in alignment and she is a quasi-deity. The Champion’s titles are The Deceitful Beauty, The Lady of Charity and The Lord of many forms. She appears in a guise so drastically different and flawless that the majority of people that meet her never even know that they have come into contact with a deity.

An infamous bandit who gained enough power to be feared by the whole of the eight islands Miken was known as Lord of all Bandits. However after eleven years of rule they found out that Miken was actually a female, there was an uproar. She fled the mountains and was heavily wounded in the process. Miken was taken in by a benevolent village, which she had raided many times. It was in this village she learned that there was more to life than riches and power and turned her mission in life from becoming the most powerful warrior in the world to healing and helping all of those in need, defending whole villages single handed and even curing plagues of disease. She was noticed by the gods and given a divine role.

Miken has few followers and blends in with normal mortals continuing to cure disease and help those in need. He followers do the same often donating all of their money to the poor and giving up their homes so they can travel and help those in need.

Mikens domains are Travel and Trickery. Her favoured weapon is the sap and her symbol is a moth with colour shifting wings.

Mikioa, She who never rests[edit]

Opatiteous, The True Warrior[edit]

Pentos, The Persistent[edit]

Shin-ia, The Watcher[edit]

Sondar, The God of Fury[edit]

Tunsikeous, The Silent Shadow[edit]

Yeh, The Child[edit]

Zakanda, The Ill-minded One[edit]


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