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Prerequisites: You must have at least one level one spell slot or have one point of Ki
Xianghua is also known as the Perfect Technique, this technique uses the user's Ki and Spell slots as fuel, giving you a temporary powerup for a set amount of time. Activation Method: As a bonus action you may use as many of your spell slots and/or Ki points as you want to, to gain bonuses for a set amount of rounds depending on how many spell slots/Ki points you used to activate this effect.

Conversion Table for Spell Slots: Level 1 SS: 1 Round Level 2 SS: 1 Round Level 3 SS: 2 Rounds Level 4 SS: 2 Rounds Level 5 SS: 3 Rounds Level 6 SS: 3 Rounds Level 7 SS: 4 Rounds Level 8 SS: 4 Rounds Level 9 SS: 5 Rounds

Conversion for Ki: 1 Ki Point = 2 Rounds

After you pay for this effect, you decide how you want to divide the amount of rounds you have.

Choose one or more effects:

  • Every Physical Attack you make gains +1 to it's attack roll, 3d6 of extra damage of the same type as the weapon you are using to attack with and that weapon is considered magical for the duration of this effect.
  • You have immunity to poison and any type of environmental harm, like extreme cold or heat.
  • You have a resistance to every type of damage

Ex: If I used two Level 3 Spell slot and a single Ki point to activate this, it would allow me to:

-Gain resistance to all types of damage for 6 turns


-Gain resistance to all types of damage for 3 turns


- Gain +1 to attack rolls, 3d6 of extra damage and my attacks are magical for 3 turns

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