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The wraith is a stealth enhanced monster. They use their surroundings to their advantage and their unnatural capabilities to their strengths. They are weak but make up for it in ambushing outbursts.

Physical Description

The wraith has tentacles on the bottom half of her body which glide across the floor barely touching the ground meaning she can float slightly. Further up her body she has half a dozen long tendril spikes leaking of her which act like hairs, upon her shoulders lay 2 arm like limbs but the hand is replaced by a giant scythe which are built to rip and tear at targets. Her female-like figure gives her a curved waist but just above that there are more arms with hands holding 4 giant daggers giving her grip on objects and weapons whilst still being lethal weapons. Her structure is almost serpent like, and her head without visual eyes though they are there. Her mouth has 2 spiked mandables on her lower jaw and a triangular upper jaw made for easily directing prey. Her dark grey bottom to a light pink cream coloured head makes her barely visible when hiding in foliage.


Not much is known about their existence other than they cause a relentless amount of problems for hunters and the wildlife around them. Originally a spawn of the planet Shear and now is looking to hunt beyond their normal territory.


Wraiths are single monsters and fight and breed by themselves, however, when the circumstances come to it they can fight in small packs in order for their race to survive therefore they are not cannibals. Wraiths nest in closed areas and hunt anything that crosses them, making them deadly mythical beasts. They may fight in a team with other races but this is highly uncommon unless it comes to their survival.

Wraith Names

Like all monsters, Wraiths are genderless, although characters refer to it as "she" and "it". While the eggs in Nest hatch Wraiths, it is unclear how the eggs are produced.

Wraith Traits

Quick and vigilant.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 3 and your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Age. It is unknown how long Wraiths live for but what is known is that they have surpassed the standard life expectancy of humans. Their life span is 200-400 years.
Alignment. Wraiths are chaotic neutral due to their wild nature and their tendency to cause trouble when it rises
Size. Wraiths are medium size varying between 6-8 foot.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 65 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Wraith Points. Wraith has 30 tokens max. Wraith can regain all spent tokens when taking a long rest and half of all spent tokens when taking a short rest.
Warp Blast. You dash to the targeted position before generating a large explosion. All creatures in a 10 foot sphere must make a DC 11 + your Dexterity modifier Dexterity saving throw. On failure, each creature is knocked back 5 feet, and takes 3d4 force damage. You spend 15 wraith tokens per use.
Abduction. You dash to a Medium sized or smaller creature, grab it, and return to your original position, bringing the target with you. The target must take a DC 11 + your Dexterity modifier Dexterity saving throw. On failure the target takes 2d6 bludgeoning damage, is stunned for 1 minute, and is dragged by you to your original position. On success, you travel the full length of the abduct before returning to its original position. You spend 10 wraith tokens per use.
Phantom. The Wraith spawns a copy of itself and becomes invisible. The Decoy is invulnerable, but disappears after 2 minutes. If the Wraith is not within 5 feet a target, the Decoy will enter the sneak state and wait for a target to approach. The Decoy moves in the direction Wraith is facing when activated, and leaves a visible trail of blue energy in its wake as well as a flashing particle effect when damaged, the decoy will act like the wraith and is controlled by the PC and has the same stats as the player but only being able to do unarmed attacks dealing 1d4 slashing for any form of attacks. You spend 5 wraith tokens.
Unarmed Attacks. You can deal damage with your fists as an action or bonus action dealing 3d4 bludgeoning or you can spend 5 tokens to use your scythes as an action dealing 5d6 slashing, per attack spending the wraith tokens regardless if you hit or not.
Traversal Warp. As a bonus action, the Wraith bursts quickly forwards up to 3 times with a distance of 10 feet and can change direction after each burst, ignoring your movement for your turn. You spend 10 wraith tokens per use.
Natural Armor. When you aren't wearing armor, your AC is 8 + your Dexterity modifier + your Wisdom modifier.
Supernova. The Wraith creates a zone of power, buffing her melee attack power and speed. When using unarmed strike you no longer spend wraith tokens, you have 2 attack actions and 2 bonus actions on your turn and when you deal damage you do double the max damage for the dice given. This lasts 1 turn and spends 25 wraith tokens per use.
Serpent. You have proficiency in Stealth and have advantage on Stealth saving throws.
Languages. You can you can understand common but cannot speak or write it. You make hissing noises rather than speech.

Random Height and Weight

7′ 0″ +3d4 900 lb. × (4d6) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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