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Worlds Collide[edit]

Fifty years ago, an unknown incident occurred in the Material Plane. It started as simple and subtle, yet magnificent and devastative if anyone would bothered to take a closer look. Unknown to the nine worlds of the Material Plane, a mysterious force - a whim of fate - a calculated turn of the tides - a something has brought the nine worlds altogether, in the most catastrophic manner as any mortals and immortals would have imagined.

Just like how it started, it ended as if nothing has ever happened, and nothing ever would. The aftermath was clearly there - the entire Royal Palace of Ack-Tzu was simply gone, as if someone has decided to wipe it out of existence; a renowned silver dragon has vanished into thin air, never to be heard ever after; Licet Malum has witnessed a small and wretched empire of Questus rising from the fissure; the cthonic caverns of Honnak revealed itself from the deepest corner of the earth, as if waking up from a particulary rough night; and so many other big and small events has followed, up to this date.

Fifty years have past since the eventful day that would be forever remembered. None has grasped the underlying factors that has caused the incident, up to this date, not even the remarkably brilliant minds of Zeitraum. Now all connected through many portals and dimensional gaps across the lands, the nine worlds now interfere with others, often resulting in comedy, tragedy, and most of all, adventures.

Welcome to the nine worlds after the Worlds Collide.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Races available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Classes and archetypes available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Backgrounds available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Rules of magic in the Worlds Collide setting, including basic uses and practices in nine worlds.
Prominent and not-so-much-prominent deities in the Worlds Collide setting.

About Worlds Collide

Nine worlds in Material Plane, overlapped and shattered by the Worlds Collide incident.
Astral Planes, Ethereal Planes, Elemental Planes, and many other demiplanes that exist "above" the nine worlds.
Underdark and many other demiplanes that exist "below" the nine worlds.
Monsters and miscellaneous creatures from nine worlds, overworlds, and underworlds.
Notable individuals and organizations in nine worlds, overworlds, and underworlds.

Dungeon Master's Guide

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