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Winged Elf, Variant[edit]

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Blessed both with their Fey ancestry and by the Celestial heavens alike, Winged Elves possess a pair of celestial wings, which they may toggle on or off at their own leisure. Additionally, they possess advanced celestial knowledge, and are proficient with a wide variety of different ranged weapons, as well as with light armor. Albeit less common than other elves, they share a common origin with the Shou humans, even if they come from completely different societies. Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Winged Elven Flight. In addition to your Fey ancestry, you are blessed by the celestial heavens with a pair of celestial wings, which you may use to navigate the skies, instead of walking. You may toggle these wings on or off as a bonus action (each time you toggle this feature, on or off, counts as 1 use thereof), a total number of times equal to your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier + your Wisdom modifier, rounded up to an even number (if applicable - minimum of 2), after which these uses are consumed. Finishing a short rest replenishes half of your maximum uses of this feature (rounded down to an even number), whilst finishing a long rest replenishes all uses of this feature. While these wings are toggled on, you have a flying speed of 30 feet. If these wings are toggled off while you are in the air, you fall normally, but the celestial heavens prevent you from taking falling damage as a result of this feature.
Winged Elven Weapons & Armor Training. You have proficiency in blowguns, hand crossbows, heavy crossbows, light crossbows, longbows, shortbows, and slings, as well as light armor.
Winged Elven Arcana. You are proficient in the Religion skill, and you know one 1st level spell of your choice, from the Cleric and Paladin spells lists. You learn additional Cleric and/or Paladin spells of the following spell levels, at the following levels: one 2nd level spell of your choice at 3rd level, one 3rd level spell of your choice at 5th level, one 4th level spell of your choice at 7th level, and one 5th level spell of your choice at 9th level. These spells do not count towards your list of prepared spells, and you do not require material components to cast them; once you choose a spell, however, you cannot choose a different one, even if you meet the conditions for doing so. Your Wisdom is your spellcasting ability, when casting any of these chosen spells, and when determining their saving throw DCs.

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