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Way of Earth[edit]

Monk Subclass

Your Spellcasting Ability is Constitution

Fists of Stone :

When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you gain the ability to hurl earth. You gain a ranged spell attack that you can use with the Attack Action. The attack has a range of 30/90 feet. You are Proficient with it, and you add your Constitution modifier to its attack and damage rolls. Its damage is Bludgeoning or Piercing, and its damage die is a d4. The die changes as you gain monk levels, as shown in the Martial Arts column of the Monk table. When you use the Attack Action on your turn to use this special attack, you can spend one Ki point to make two additional attacks with it as a bonus action. Visually, this appears as a stomp or twist of a foot, allowing earth to fly to fist height, where it is then punched toward the enemy. This attack can use strength or constitution for it's attack and damage rolls.

Body of Stone :

Unarmored Defense, but simply allows the substitution of Constitution for Wisdom, as you either dodge or endure hits with your powerful stone body. As well, you gain the ability to hold earth against your body, allowing you to cast limited spells when no other earth is around you, for example in the air or in an ocean. Cantrips and Fists of Stone both count as one spell level, and when you are touching the ground you pull from the earth unless specified, and keep your reserves intact. The weight of this earth does not count against your carrying capacity.

Level 3 - 2 levels total

level 6 - 4 levels total

Level 11 - 8 levels total

Level 17 - 16 levels total

Earth Bending Abilities :

When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you gain the ability to control the Earth in various ways. You gain the innate ability to cast spells using Ki points. The spells you gain will be listed below, as well you can empower these spells effects with Ki points and DM's Discretion. These spells will cost Ki points equal to the Spell level times 2, not affecting cantrips.

You can also use your action to create a small effect of your choice to do with Earth, and at later levels stone, gemstone or metal. Example, create a gentle rumbling of stone to assist an intimidation check, or to move 1x1 foot cube of earth for small actions such as cause earth that can fit into a 1x1 foot cube to shape itself into a crude form you designate for 1 minute.

Some of these spells will require your influence and flavoring to make sense in this class, for example Mage Hand may be you creating a hand of rock, or Melf's Minute Meteors may be you controlling stones and squeezing and compacting them to red hot meteors before throwing them at enemies. Some spells will have to be re flavored from other types of damage to Bludgeoning or Piercing, depending on choice and spell, for example Arms of Hadar from Necrotic to Bludgeoning or Piercing.

A good rule of thumb for DM's allowing this class will be one Ki point for small changes to a spell effect and one half of the level of the spell rounded down in Ki points for large changes to spell effects. Example, one Ki point to use Mold Earth to create a wall instead of a 5x5 block of Earth, or 2 Ki points to make Stone Shape create a more complex structure like Armor or a Statue.

Spells List :

Level 3 Cantrips - Choose 2 : Mold Earth, Magic Stone, Blade Ward, Mage Hand

Level 3 Level 1 Spells - Shield, Earth Tremor, Tenser's Floating Disk, Arms of Hadar

Level 5 Level 2 Spells - Barkskin, Earthbind, Maximilian's Earthen Grasp, Cloud of Daggers

Level 7 Level 3 Spells - Erupting Earth, Melf's Minute Meteors, Wall of Sand, Meld into Stone

Level 9 Level 4 Spells - Stone Shape, Stoneskin, Evard's Black Tentacles, Conjure Minor Elementals

Level 11 Level 5 Spells - Wall of Stone, Conjure Elemental, Transmute Rock, Passwall

Level 13 Level 6 Spells - Investiture of Stone, Move Earth, Bones of the Earth

Level 15 Level 7 Spells - Crown of Stars, Revers Gravity, Sequester

Level 17 level 8 Spells - Earthquake, Mighty Fortress

Level 19 Level 9 Spells - Imprisonment, Meteor Swarm

Not Only Earth :

At higher levels you gain the ability to influence other mediums that originate from the earth, as followed in the list below.

6th Level - Non Magical Stone

11th Level - Non Magical Gemstone and Crystals

17th Level - Non Magical Metal

Earthen Affinity :

As you gain higher levels, moving and shaping earth becomes easier. Spell Ki costs become reduced by your Constitution modifier, as listed in the chart below. Spells cannot be reduced below 1 by this ability.

Level 6 Reduced By Con Mod, Maximum 3

Level 11 Reduced by Con Mod, Maximum 4

Level 17 Reduced by Con Mod, No Maximum

Dao State (Level 20) :

Your body reacts to great need, and for the next 10 minutes you receive several Benefits, listed below.

You regain Ki points every round equal to your Con Mod

You have resistance to all damage

You reduce the cost of spells by double your Con Mod

At the end of this state, you receive one level of Exhaustion for every spell above 8th level cast

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