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Staff, Legendary (Needs Attunement)

This is a Remaster of the Wabbajack. This stave holds the magic that not even most gods understand. The wielder of this weapon can become the most powerful being in the world, or simply die the first time they use it.

This staff has 3 charges and regains 1d4 expended charges daily at dawn. Every time you use this stuff, one charge is used and you get to make 3 rolls in one turn. Roll a d100 (an online one can be found here at https://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm), the outcomes are listed below. Once the first outcome happens, roll another d100 for the second, and then again for the third outcome. This staff is cursed, and the owner can never get rid of it unless it is given to a new owner directly. If the staff is to be separated from its owner, it teleport's back to the owner's hand. If the owner is to transform into a creature that is unable to wield a staff, it vanishes and re-appears when the owner is turned back to normal or into something that can wield a staff.


1 – Heal 1d4 to every creature within 30ft of the Caster

2 – Your speed becomes 5ft

3 – The closest Humanoid to you pukes

4 – The target becomes paralysed for 1 round

5 – A random creature within 15ft takes 1d4 of fire damage

6 – A random creature within 30ft is blinded for 1 round

7 – The closest bird within 2000ft flies to your location, Pooing and hitting yourself or anyone close to you.

8 – The clouds begin to rain for 1hour

9 – If you have eaten anything in the past 4 hours, you take 1d4 cold damage

10 – You cast the spell Arms of Hadar with level 5 damage (6d6 Necrotic Damage)

11 – You cast Shield of Faith on yourself and one other ally of choice

12 – You cast Animate Dead on the closest dead body or pile of bones within 100ft

13 – You turn a random creature within 20ft into a rabbit for 2 rounds

14 – The Target takes 2d4 of lightning damage

15 – You sneeze…

16 – You begin to cry…

17 – All hostile creatures within 30ft immediately target you, no matter what their current task is

18 – You gain 1d10 Temporary hit points

19 – You trip over, taking 1d4 damage

20 – You prepare the spell Destructive Wave and can choose to use it anytime within the next 5min

21 – You sprout wings made of magical energy for 1 hour, your flying speed is 20ft

22 – You conjure a Tiger to fight for you for 10 minutes

23 – All Active effects from this staff are neutralised, and all charges are depleted.

24 – You fart…

25 – You cast Magic Missile at a Level of 5 (7 darts total)

26 – You become invisible for 1 round

27 – You grant a hostile creature within 30 feet shield of faith

28 – You drop your staff

29 – You lose Dark vision for 30min

30 – You are granted 1 extra attack in all fights for the next 24 hours

31 – You gain Dark vision for 30min

32 – You cast Banishment on a random creature within 30ft

33 – You gain the Cantrip Witchbolt until you short rest or long rest

34 – You find 3x as much gold (to a maximum of 500) the next time you loot a body or chest that contains at least 1 gold.

35 – You choke on a fly

36 – You cast Hellish Rebuke with Level 1 damage on the target (2d10 Fire Damage)

37 – You forget your name, and someone must remind you of it

38 – You gain the Cantrip Shocking Grasp until you short rest or long rest

39 – You have a muscle spasm, throwing your staff at the nearest creature within 30ft

40 – You cast Guardian of Faith

41 – You must succeed on a Charisma saving throw of 15 or be intimidated by yourself

42 – You gain the Cantrip Mage Hands until you short or long rest

43 – You turn into a Horse for 30min, your movement speed is 60ft

44 – Nature calls…

45 – Your staff transform’s into a Conjured Longsword for 2 rounds, the sword deals 1d10 damage.

46 – You are only able to “moo” like a cow for the next 1hour

47 – You deal 1d10 fire damage to a random hostile creature within 30ft

48 – You transform into a wolf for 30min

49 – Your HP is reduced by half (Rounded Down)

50 – Your HP is increased by half, Gaining temporary hit points if exceeding the max (Rounded Up)

51 – All your used charges are replenished

52 – Your gain Resistance to Piercing and slashing damage for 1 hour

53 – You shrink down to half your size

54 – You grow an extra arm for 1 hour, but the arm has a mind of its own (the arm is controlled by the DM)

55 – The target takes 1d10 Radiant Damage

56 – You gain the Cantrip Ray of Frost until you short rest or long rest

57 – Your speed is now 40ft

58 – You gain Resistance to Fire damage for 1 hour

59 – Deal 1d6 of Necrotic Damage to the nearest creature

60 – The next time you roll an outcome that you view as "negative", you can choose any creature within 60ft to put that effect on.

61 – You transform into a Camel with a speed of 20ft, for 15min

62 – You become paralysed in your left leg for 10min, your speed is now 20ft

63 – You become hungry... for blood, until you consume the blood of a creature, you take 1d4 Radiant Damage for every 1min your in the sunlight.

64 – You identify your Allies as enemies and your enemies as allies for 15 seconds

65 - All your Gold coins turn into silver Coins

66 – You gain the Cantrip Fire Bolt until you short rest or long rest

67 – You gain immunity/weakness to Fire damage. If you are immune to it, you become vulnerable. If you are already vulnerable, you obtain an immunity to it. If you are not immune or vulnerable, you gain vulnerability.

68 – You deal 1d10 of Thunder damage to the target

69 – You Summon a spectral wolf to help you fight for 5min, its stats are of half your level (rounded down), and the summoner controls it

70 – You gain 3 charges of the Eldritch Blast cantrip. You cast this at a 17th level. Your charges are able to stack and stay there until you use them

71 – All enemies have an advantage on attack rolls when they melee attack you until you long rest

72 – All hostile creatures within 30ft heal 2d4

73 – All attack rolls and damage rolls made on you are made with disadvantage until you make 2 long rest's

74 – You cast Spike Growth centred on your position

75 – You age by 1 year

76 – All creatures within 30ft take 1d6 cold damage

77 – The closest Creature to you turns into a penguin

78 – You cast Phantasmal Killer on the target

79 – You get a splinter on your thumb

80 – The closest ally deals an extra 1d20 damage, the next time they deal at least 1 damage

81 – You deal 1d4 acid damage to the closest creature within 30ft

82 – You cast Grasping Vine

83 – You understand all languages for 2 hours

84 – Your age decreases by 1, to a minimum of 12

85 – It begins to snow for 1 hour

86 – You become wild... You crave the kill of a creature with your bare hands. Your unarmed attack rolls and damage rolls have a +5 modifier. Until you kill a creature in this way, you have restless sleep and you wake up from long rests with max HP less 2d8 HP.

87 – You deal 1d6 psychic damage to the closest hostile creature within 60ft

88 – You trip over...

89 – You fall in love with the closest non-hostile object/creature within 30ft, for 1hour

90 – You cast the spell Conjure Celestial, it has a challenge rating of 5 and obeys the commands of the caster

91 – You cast Aura of Vitality

92 – You take 1d4 psychic damage

93 – The furthest PC takes 1d8 of poison damage, And you heal the damage done, gaining temporary hit points if you exceed your max HP

94 – The next time an ally attacks within 30ft of you, he gains Shield of faith

95 – You become Ethereal for 30 seconds, you cannot harm or be harmed in this time

96 – You attempt to make a truce with the closest hostile that understands a language you speak, you use the persuasion skill and you have double proficiency for the check

97 – The next time you are asked a question, you must answer truthfully

98 – You let off a strong odour that only wolves and dogs can smell, for the next 1 hour, wolves and dogs from all over the land are hunting you.

99 – You gain 1 charge of the spell revivify, these charges do not stack.

100 – Make a wish... (You cast the wish spell or you can choose to charge it and use it later, these charges do not stack), you do not suffer the negative effects of stress when casting wish in this way, instead your staff must recharge using a Long rest.

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