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Volatali (Genasi Subrace)[edit]

Born from the Elemental Chaos, Volatali are much more erratic in appearance. Their legs now end in long, spindly spikes of various elements, none of which should ever be together. Their fingers end in jagged, crystalline claws. Their skin is vantablack, absent of all color like a shadow. Most Volatali live very short lives, dying a cruel death due to their unstable form.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Like a Shadow. While in darkness, you turn invisible but you have Disadvantage on str checks.
Blade of Chaos. You can innately cast arcane weapon. charisma is your Spellcasting modifier.
Crystalline Claws. Your unarmed strikes deal Slashing damage, and can be affected by weapon-enhancing spells such as shillelagh

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