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Virtuos Assassin[edit]

A Man in fine clothes stalks the night looking for his victim to appear in his eyesight. Ready to spring his trap already planned every step and action of his adversary. In a gentleman's fashion he appeared in front of the enemy now the lights are all on him in his little mysteries dance that he calls this ocurants that soon will take place. The victim, not schur what happens, only sees one thing: the blood lust in the expression of the face of the man. As the victim starts running the gentleman starts his pursuit already knowin that he would do that running straight in his trap like a confused mouse. The victim running through the cytis dark alleys stopet to ensure that his pursuer stopped following him after a time but as he turned back around a dagger pierced his chest. I was there all along my fine sir you didn't have to hurry so much to get to this point let's see what colors you may be after this.

Virtuos Assassins[edit]

A curse drives tis people to do what they do som enjoit after some time some fall into a frenzy only to afterwords notice what they have don but one thing is certain the are mostly Murderers Vigilante or Insane for the hunger to kill is inbrendet deep in tair soul and the not certainly hate their victim or despise it they see it as some sort of art.

Art can appear in many forms just what to make out of it

Virtuos Assassin[edit]

Most Virtuous Assassins are artists that want to leave behind their twister Art. but why are they so they have been cursed by a pair of wicked gloves that take their toll on them and give them darke powers. Thou are they all Gentleman and so may they find themselves as in a contradiction between what they think of an gentleman in all mostly you could say thai are somewhat insane or society made them into what they are now.

Class Features

As a Virtuous Assasin you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Virtuous Assasin level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Virtuous Assasin level after 1st


Armor: non
Weapons: Simpel
Tools: Tinkers tools , Two Instrument
Saving Throws: Dexterity and Wisdom
Skills: Choose four from Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception. Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Perception, Performance. Persuasion, Sleight of


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • tow simple weapon
  • (a) A Instrument or (b) Tinkers tools
  • (a) Dungeoneer´s pack or (b) Explorer´s pack
  • tow pouches of Daggers (40)
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 6d4 x 10 gp in funds.

Table: The Virtuous Assasin

Level Proficiency
Shadow Points Features
1st +2 - Curse of Virtu,Gentleman's Nimbleness,
2nd +2 - Touch of Shadow,Specialist Mastery
3rd +2 - One with the Schade,Soul Regeneration
4th +2 - Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 - Extra Attack,
6th +3 6 Shadow Beast
7th +3 7 Endless Hunger
8th +3 8 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 9 Gentleman's Gadgets
10th +4 10 Shadow Escape
11th +4 11 Killing Blow
12th +4 12 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 13 The Show must go on
14th +5 14 Unsettling Aura
15th +5 15 Shadow prison
16th +5 16 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 17 Last Symphony
18th +6 18 No end bevor the Masterpiece
19th +6 19 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 20 The Curtain falls

Curse of Virtu[edit]

All the features you get thru this feature originate from the the Cursed Gloves feature you can only gayn the features of any of the listed abilities if you are gaining the specific level in this class and you lose all abilities if you choose to gain a level in another class also the ability you gain and the items you may have inherent can be cursed or maid by some otherworldly or Supernatural being. (you do not gain any buffs from any fetur if you wear Armor or use a scheald) At the beginning you gain the Call of the HunT:

Call of the Hunt.
Casting Time i bonus action
Range 100 feet
Components V,S
Duration up to 1 hour

You let a spectral horn and its sound or a wolf's howl appear. Any creature that hears the sound of will be marked by the hunt for 24 hours. You can always find their whereabouts if they are far aways you always know the direktio you need to go and have advantage on Survival checks to find it.

Cursed Gloves

The Gloves are sinister and ancient relic crafted by some evil being bound to its creator they cant be removed and if they are they always come back. At 1st Level you gain a pair of Glouths that you need for your features the gloths give you a bonus of +2 to attacks with Daggers any item that is touched by this glouths becomes magical fore if the item is no longer consistently touched it loses its magic features after 10 minutes.

Eyes of Evil

Your eyes have a determination stuck to them that is fearsome to some also your sharp eyes may be cursed by whatever evil powers have possessed you over the time but it also comes with benefits at 2nd level you double your proficiency modifier fore Perception and Insight and you can no longer be frightened also you now see the colors of a person's emotions shining from its body even in darkness you may always see the emotions color there may be some emotions that have the same colors but you can distinct them from each other.

Vigilance,Anticipation,Interest are colored orange
Rage,Anger,Annoyance are colored read
Loathing,Disgust,Boredom are colored violett
Grief,Sadness,Pensiveness are colored blue
Amazement,Surprise,Distraction are colored green
Terror,Fear,Apprehension are colored Gray
Admiration,Trust,Acception are colored pink
Ecstasy,Joy,Serenity are colored yellow
Optimism is orange and yellow
Aggression is read and orange
Contempt is read and violett
Remorse is violett and blue
Disapproval is blue and green
Awe is green and grey
Submission is gray and pink
Love is pink and yellow
White is the most pure and honest emotion
Black is the most corrupt and evil

Gentleman's Nimbleness[edit]

At 1st level if you are wearing normal clothes your Ac is 10 + your Wisdom and Dexterity Modifier you can draw and stow small weapons without expending any action,also you gain a bonus 10 feet movement.You don't gain this feature if you wear any kind of armor or Scheald.

Specialist Mastery[edit]

Specialist Mastery

At 2nd level you gain a bonus of +1 ac if you wield a Daggeror. When you take the attack action during your turn, you can make two separate attacks also you don't gain this feature if you use a Scheald ore wear Armor. You especially excel in the use of Daggers and Short Swords the first tow attack that you make with any dagger or Short Sword hase advantage aslow the damage you deal with deggers is 1d6 also you can throw weapons and items effectively up to 60 feet. At 6th level Daggers deal 1d8 dmg and gain a +2 to Ac with dexterity based weapons.At 12th level Daggers deal 2d6 Dmg.At 16th level Daggers deal 2d8 dmg.

Curving Blade

If you take the attack action and attack with a dagger you can take this feature and even if you miss the attack still deals half its Dmg you can use this feature equal to your wisdom modifier times 2 you need to finish a short or long rest to regain all expendet uses.

Fan of Daggers

As an Attack you can throw a number of daggers in a 20 feet cone any creature in that area takes a number of d4 dmg equal to your wisdom modifier if you miss the attack creatures take half dmg from this attack. At 6th level the dmg die is a d6.At 10th level the dmg die is a d8

Folly of Daggers

You can make a number of attacks equal to your wisdom modifier as an action against one creature that you can see and is in range you need to roll for every attack and deal 1d4 dmg for every dagger that hits.At 10th level the number of daggers is increased by half your wisdom modifier

Touch of Shadow[edit]

At 2nd level you notice that something is hiding in your shadow creatures that have a connection with shadows and darkness see you as one of them also crows seem to always follow you and flock around you you can understand them and they can understand you (this also is considered for shadow related Beasts and Monsters) as an action you can summon a Weeping Wolf the wolfe can talk and is a part of you and your deepest feelings after you summon the wolf it will consume the soul of any creature that died in a 30 feet radius around him this restores Hp equal to your wisdom modifier for every soul the wulf can detect any Spirit or Soul nearby and track it down. You can see the remains of any soul if a Spectral creature is in 30 feet range of you you can see it also your smell and Hearing are sharpened you can smell a scent of a creature that you are familiar up to 600 feet and hear any sounds that are made in a 30 feet radius around you if there are not to many of them any stealth roll against you is made with disadvantage (your Perception now is the same for Hearing and Smelling). The Weeping Wolf will not fight for you but it has 1d10 hit points per Virtuous Assassin level At 8th level the wolf will start fighting for you and can use all its features that are in his stat block it will follow your command (Stat and Damage as Shown in its column).

Soul Regeneration[edit]

At 3rd level you gain a pool of d6 equal to your wisdom Modifier that you can use to regain hit points (bonus action)you can use this feature on other creatures too but you need to touch them if you drop to 0 hit points you automatically spend one of the dice one you on your next turn.You regain all expendet uses after a short rest.

One with the Schade[edit]

At 3rd level you get more intuned with shadows and the beast in you you gain the following features.

Schadow attack

Any attack that you make you can let them go through shadows if you take the attack action you can choose to let your attack go into the shades and let it strike at another time in the next 3 rounds you can choose to hit any creature with the attacks if you make a successful attack against a creature.

One with the Schadow

As a bonus action if you stand in Darkness or a shadow you can disappear in it and appear at any time again out of the same schadow you can only stay there for up to 8 hours afterwards you need to exit the Shadow or darkness if you want to enter the same schadow again you need to wait for 24 hours before you can do so.

Synyster weapons

Every attack that hits deals a bonus 1d4 force damage this only applies for weapons you are proficient with and your class features.

Jaws of Hunger

if you take the attack action and make a melee attack you can instead let the Weeping Wolf's Head rise out of your schadow and make an attack with it the attack deals 2d8 force damage on a successful hit and if the target dies its soul is consumed and you regain hit points equal to your wisdom modifier.

Blood Lust[edit]

At 4th Level you will get overcome by bloodlust as long as you attack any creature that has taken damage by you gain a +1 to hit and add ½ of your level rounded up to your dmg. If a creature gets killed by you you gain a number of hit points and temp hit points equal to your Wisdom Modifier.

Extra Attack[edit]

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.The number of attacks increases to three when you reach 11th

Shadow Beast[edit]

At 6th level the beast in your shadow is always waiting to get a number of schadow points equal to your level +your wisdom modifier to use the following features.Any feature costs one point you regain all expendet points after a short oreü long rest.

Embrace of Darkness

As an Action a creature gets surrounded by shadows and gets pierced by spikes that deal 1d4 per enemy hit die force damage then the creature needs to make a DC15 dex save or be grappld for 1d4 rounds the creature may try to break free every round.

Tearing Schade

As an action the target gets bitten and torn apart from shadow creatures the target takes 3d6 force damage then the creature needs to make a Dc 15 wisdom save or be feared for 1d4 rounds.

Spikes of Hatred

As an Action you can summon schade like spikes out of the ground that piece enemies in a 20 foot radius any creature in the radius gets 2d6 Damage and needs to make a constitution save DC15 if it fails it cant move for 1 round.

Gase of Despair

As an action the Weeping wolfs eyes appear out of your schadow any creature that you want in a 30 feet radius needs to make a dc15 wisdom save if they fail they are paralist in fear for 1 minute any creature affected by this can make the save again on the end of its turne

Mark of Reaping

As a bonus action you can mark a creature it has disadvantage on attack rolls against you and you deal 1d6 bonus psychic dmg against it for 10 minutes.

Schade Armor

As a reaction when you take Dmg you can reduce the Dmg by 2d6 and teleport to an unoccupied space in a 30 feet radius that you can see.You can use this feature equal to your wisdom modifiere +2 and regain all expended uses after a short or long rest.

Endless Hunger[edit]

The beast bound to you hungers for souls at 7th level you now gain 5 temp hit points for every soul the beast consumes and also you gain a number of d6 equal to your wisdommodifire that you can add to any role if it consumes a soul (you gain a dice for one soul)

Gentleman's Gadgets[edit]

At 9th level you now learn to craft gadgets that you can use proficiently to fight and overcome any obstacle the gadgets listed need to be crafted with this feature you use sleight of hand for it and gain your wisdom modifier as a bonus for it.Any save requiert neds to get above your gadjat save that is 8+ your wisdom and proficiency modifier.

Spring Scheld

This gadjat can be used as an bonus action to block or minimise the damage of an attack as an reaction you can spring this scheald you gain a bonus of 2 to your Ac and reduce the incoming damage for this round by 1d8 after you use this gadget you need to spend an action to set it up again.


You create a grappling hook that can be shot out of a modified Hand Crossbow the range of this grappling hook is 40 feet if it hits any item you can draw yourself towards it if the item is weighing less than you it draws it towards you to set the hook up for further use after you shot it you need to spend an Action.The use of the Grapplinghook takes a bonus action or a reaction.

Pocket Sand

You create a mixture of sand and glass charts that can blinde enemies as a bonus action you can try to blinde any creature in a 15 feet cone the creatures hit need to make a constitution save and need to get over your gajat save dc.

Schrapnell Bomb

Take some flour and some nails and put them in a bag nowe you have a bomb. As an Action you can light and throw the bomb any creature in a 20 feet radius of the explosion takes 3d6 piercing damage and needs to make a dexterity save against your gentleman's gadget saves dc if they fail they are knocked prone.


As an action, caltrops can be thrown for a range of 20/25 feet and spread out in a 10 foot radius. All creatures who enter the radius of the caltrops have their movement speed reduced by half and suffer 2d4 piercing damage at the beginning of their next turn.

Smoke Grenade

As an action, a smoke grenade can be thrown for a range of 35/60 feet. Upon impact, a cloud of white smoke appears in a 30 foot radius. Inside the smoke, you and other friendly creatures are heavily obscured from hostile creatures.

Assassin's String

You learn to make a nearly invisible string that is sturdy enough to hold a person's weight you can create this string out of a variety of things mostly it is crater of vibers and human Hair theas strings get their strength from magic energy woven into it they need to be made with your cursed Glouths. As an action you can create a deadly trap out of theas barely visible strings. You can make a 20 feet cube or spread them on the ground covering a 20 feet of your choice. any creature entering the area will get 1d4 slicing damage for every 5 feet it moves in it, the area is considered difficult terrain any creature that spends an action to find the Strings or a creature already caught in the strings can spend an action to cut a way through them not destroying the howl field.

Shadow Escape[edit]

At 10th level an action you can escape into a shadowrealm you can take any creature that you touch with you stay in this realm for as long as you want but the realm is home to your inner beast if you exit the realm by will you and any creature that was with you enter into the physical plain to one are they already been bevor.After you used this feature you need to spend a long rest before you can use it again

Killing Blow[edit]

At 11th level you now crit on a 19 and 20 also if you crit you gain advantage on all attacks for this round. At 15th level you also crit on a 18

The Show must go on[edit]

At 13th level if you get reduced to 0 hit points you can spring back to live and immediately have a turn if you end your turn without any hit points then you drop back prawn and unconscious you can use this feature once per long rest.

Unsettling Aura[edit]

At 14th level every creature that wants to attack you needs to first make a wisdom save the Dc for it is 8 +your wisdom modifier + your proficiency modifier if it fails it is unable to attack you.

Shadow prison[edit]

At 15th level you can choose any creature that you can see the creature gets teleported into a shadow realm where it needs to make a make a Dc 17 wisdom save every Minute if it fails it gets 2d10 psychic dmg if it succeeds it comes back into the Material plane to thee position it was.You can use this feature again after a long rest.

Last Symphony[edit]

As all has an end so dos the killing at 17th level after you kill an enemy you gain a stack of lust you can have up to 3 stacks of lust every given time you can spent a stack of lust as a bonus action to gain the following features.

Regain a number of hit points eaqual to half your level Regain 4 Attack points Get advantage on any skill check Remove any condition that affects you

No end bevor the Masterpiece[edit]

At 18th level you no longer die of old age diseases and poisons have no effect against you anymore also your body doesn't seem to age and you only need half the time of sleep and half of the resources of food from this moment on.

The Curtain falls[edit]

At 20th level,every show must have an end as a action you can make a vital strike the creature needs to make a constitution saving throw DC8 + wisdom modifier and proficiency modifier if it fails it immediately drops to 0 hit points if it succeeds the saving throw it instead takes 10d10 dmgs you can use this feature equal to your wisdom modifier and regain all expended uses after long rest.

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